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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bringing up the girls - A tribute to my mother in law

          My mother in law brought up my girls beautifully all by herself without the aid of a maid.  Thirty years ago it was the norm for mothers in law to take care of one's children; having a maid in those days was  probably unheard off unless you had the fortune to be born to a rich family, and she taught discipline to, first her own children, and subsequently all the children that she brought up.  In those days children were seen and not heard, something sadly lackly in present times.  She trained all the children, her own first then the grandchildren to eat whatever was placed on the table; picky children was definitely not found in her household.  She taught them well particularly her own children; they were trained to make their own bed when they got up in the morning and to this day, my husband makes the bed and in the old days the bedsheets were the type which you had to tuck in at all the 4 corners and my husband always make the bed so beautifully; straight and tucked in properly and kept our home spick and span, toilet included; garden was swept morning and evening.

          My children slept with my mother in law.  I remember they told me that, should they kick her while sleeping, she will pinch their legs lightly so much so that they out grew that habit in a short while, haha good training mum.

          She not only was good in training the childen, she was a fantastic cook especially during festivals or when guests visited, she prepared alot of delicious food and beautifully presented too. I was very fortunate that I was able to learn quite a bit of Peranakan cooking also known as Nyonya cooking is a mixture of Malay and Chinese cooking which when combined is a unique blend of both worlds which makes Nonya cooking one of a kind. I am not a Nonya but have grown to love the food as Peranakan cooking is spicy and definitely not bland.

          Not only is she good in cooking, keeping the house clean and neat but she was also very handy with her hands; she can do light electrical works, sewing beautiful dresses for my children, curtains, bed sheets, etc, making a fish pond with cement and tiles, making a dog cage, etc, etc.

          For all that you have done for us, I salute you.


ilene said...

A very nice tribute to your mum-in-law! Well, that's how strict those days upbringing of children were unlike these days. These days the children can shout at the parents' faces. Those days where we dare utter a word! After kena slap. But if the parents of these days were to slap the child, the child would go and report as abuse! tish...tish..tish....

Ophelia said...

Yes those days we were very trained and disciplined and the Rod was Not spared BUT definitely one thing, we all turned up to be fine examples of good behaviour and we knew the ropes. Thank you very, very much for reading my blog, you made my day as you are my first visitor. Thank you also for YOUR PATIENCE to teach me last night about creating a short cut, Very sorry that it took so long for me to do so. Also in my earlier post about letting go, well I Am slowly practising what I wrote and the only way to do it is to Always look on the good side, even though the bad sides need to be dwelt up and written, in time, in order to exorcise the hurts. God bless you my dear. xoxo