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Monday, October 18, 2010

My first blog on my all consuming passion "Baking"

          I have Always wanted to create a blog where I can, in the quiet of the nite, shift through my memories, express my thoughts and let my fingers do the walking and let it take me where ever it wants to lead me And it is only fitting that I start my maiden blog on my all consuming passion a passion that withstood the test of time and apart from my family, fills me with immense joy that is dependent entirely on No One But Myself and which over the years of constant practice can finally be translated into an exquisite cake that befits a king.

                          Tutti Fruity Chocolate Mousse cake which has two contrasting textures; the cherry jello is chewy while the Chocolate Mouse is silky and smooth.  Enjoy each lingering bite and sensational taste that can only materialise from cakes baked with Love and lots of Passion complete with the finest ingredients that will leave you Craving for more.

                           Tiramisu made with dollops of Love & Passions, Mascarpone Cheese & lots of Kahlua, my personal favourite.  Indulge in this cake which should leave you craving for more as it is definitely Love at first Bite!!! This is one of my signature cakes that sells extremely well that my customers and friends keep coming back for Repeat Orders.  The texture is so heavenly; silkly and spiked with a beautiful combination of Kahlua & Coffee syrup which is like a Marriage made in heaven.


                                        Trifle Cheese cake with peaches & strawberry jello - a gorgeous piece of cake that one can, not only indulge in but can figuratively feast with one's eyes as it is a beautiful piece of art, if I may say so myself and which took me some time to perfect.

            The circumstances that lead me to learning to bake cakes were two fold.  One, I wanted a way to destress myself from a stressful job and the other; well just read on.

             I bought a birthday cake for my daughter's 8th birthday for her and her younger sister to celebrate with their friends and after singing the birthday song, I proceeded to cut the cake and I could, feel 15 pairs of eyes at the back of me; feasting their eyes impatiently on the cake and waitng impatiently for me to finish cutting the cake.  I then sensed something was wrong as the children were not digging into the cake with the wild abandon that I expected.  I put a piece of it into my mouth and at once I knew that the cake was "off" and turning the piece upside down, I saw the culprit; a mouldy white fungus; yaks I nearly died!!!. I quickly packed the balance of the cake and with hubby in tow went to the confectionary and demanded to see the owner.  On reflection the fellow had a lashing befitting 20 years of working in the litigation dept of a law firm; something he would not forget in a very long time [psssh I am normally not quite so ferious but my killer motherly instinct came to the fore when things like these happen].  I told him in no uncertain term that he should know the shelf life of the cakes that he sells and not leave cakes for sale that were way, way past their prime as it would mostly, be children who eat them.  I still remember vividly, that guy didn't really get the point I was trying so hard to make. Instead he just told me that he would pay for the doctor's fee.  What I really wanted him to comprehend was "Shelf Life" and then again if ANY of the children did fall sick, could the pain and suffering be transferred to him??? How could I "face" their parents? 

                    I left the shop totally disgusted and vowed to myself that I would Never set foot on his premises again and there and then a germ of a seed was planted in my mind.  I told myself that I would learn how to bake Even if it takes forever!!!  It was so terribly hard for me to sacrifice some of my week ends going for classes and then practising same as,  initially, 3/4s of the time, my cake landed in the bin and if I were to throw it against the wall, It probably would have "bounced" back as they were hard And then trying to hide this fact from the watchful eyes of my MIL wasn't easy either as we were all brought up, never to waste food, but in the end, Perservance won because at the back of my mind I knew that if I kept on going, I would have something to do after retiring and that thought gave me courage and persistence.  I kept on going for more classes and practising more opening now and giving my cakes to one and all as they were now fit for consumption.

          Baked Banana Cheese Cake with chocolate ganache; simply irresistable and one of The best from my collection of cheese cakes

                              Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; light and not so sweet.

                                  Pandan Kaya cake; cake itself is baked with fresh santan.

Chocolate Royal - a master piece. Cake has as its base Milk Couverture and Pralinosa (Hazelnut cream) which is double boiled & then combined with feuilletine [a product manufactured by Coco Berry, France which has a kit kat texture], the intermitten layers are 2 layers of almond sponge spread with ganache and then a chocolate mousse made with Bitter Sweet Belgium couvertures and finally topped with either a raspberry topping like the one in the picture Or for chocolateholic, a final topping of ganache made with bitter sweet Belgium couvertures and whipping cream. The texture of the cake is the feuilletine base is crunchy like a kit kat texture and the chocolate mousse like a premium Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Mousse cake; texture of the mousse is velvety

                         Chocolate Moist cake but I prefer to coin it as "Black Beauty" as it is truly pitch black & gorgeous but most importantly, it is not very sweet.  I learnt this more than 15 years ago and till todate it still remains as one of my most popular cake and my daughter's favourite.

Feast on my cakes that would leave you craving for more; these are only a few of my cake. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


ilene said...

Hello there my no. 1 fan or is it Ophelia?! Welcome to the world of blogging! Looks like you've got the blogging disease as well! You're a fast learner indeed. So fast your blog already got so many photos to look at and story to listen to! Love it! Keep it up! ;)

aw said...

I am Ilene's friend, Wonda, and I've been wanting to find your blog. I am the one who commented on Ilene's facebook. Happened to hop from Ilene's blog and the pictures of the cakes on your blog looked familiar, so my guess is that you are Juanita!

Ophelia said...
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joanne said...


I love all these cake, they're so beautiful and nice to eat as well.. post more write-out and pictures. Can't resist the temptation esp. Trifle Cheese cake with peaches and strawberry jello.

Ophelia said...

Awwwwww Joanne thank you dear as Baking has Always and Is Always my profound Passion. Yesterday I made the jam roll for the Triffle Cheese Cake for my daughter's close friend as she is bring it for her friend's baby shower tomorrow. Shortly I will be assembling this cake. You know I used to laugh at myself cos I learnt this Trifle cheese cake more than 6 years ago and never attempted to make it until 2 months ago and do you know Why? Because I was scared to do it as I never practised doing a simple jam roll and then when you need to actually assemble the cake, There were 3 things you needed to do simultaneously!!! I could do quite abit of complicated cakes but when it came to the jam roll I tot aah yah so simple lah but deep inside I darent put it to the test because of the fear that I would fail and also the test of endurance of juggling 3 things at one go!!! When I learnt this in 2003 I thought that this cake was a beautiful piece of art and told myself that One day I would master it. So when I was free 2 months ago and was bored I got up from my hybernation and put myself to the test; scared at first but slowly gaining confidence. After doing same, I passed some of the cake to my neighbours and customers who dropped by my place and ever since then there was No Turning Back as the orders for the Trifle Cheese Cake kept on Piling. I gave myself a tap on the back and at the sametime "fired" myself for not doing it sooner :) Thanks for dropping by. God bless.