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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


                       Sundae came into our lives in 2005 and is a Labardor.  Initially every morning we open the front door with the thought what has she done this time. Being a 5 month puppy, she was always up to mischef and the thing she loves the most was digging holes and you can find her nose and her feet covered with sand and from the onset we tried to train her but to no avail as next morning, you will definitely find a hole or she will shred our morning newspapers so much so that my neighbour used to retort, "That not only is Sundae reading the newspapers before us but that she was also diggesting it!"

                     Sundae is now 5 years old and have matured over the years and we now open our front door every morning without any thought as to what she had done in the night.  She is very loving and never leaves the side of my hubby.  She only leaves him to be my shadow every evening as she knows who feeds her.  I always use to say that she has a built in alarm in her body as every day, without fail, at 5.30 p.m. she will either bark for her food or if I am asleep she will lick my face to wake me up so that she can have her dinner.

                       We tried from the time she was young to train her to go to the garden to answer nature's call and every hour or so I will open the gate for her to go to the garden and it is not always that there is a need for same.  Then my daughter told me to watch for any sign from her indicating that she wants to do same and true enough I spotted this.  Whenever she wants to answer nature's call, she will kiss any of us in the hall and immediately head for the front door and when we open the door she will run to do her thing.  Initially when we want to go to town for an errand and open the door so that she can be outside but our dear friend refuse to budge then we leave her in the hall and do our errand, our hearts in our mouth as we were worried that she will do her thing in the hall but everytime we come back, our hall is "save" and when we open the door, she will go out and do her business.  Such a clever dog!!! She has bought our hearts and I always say that pets ask only to be fed and loved and in return gives you loyalty and unconditional love. 

                 Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


Merryn said...

Hence the saying, dog is a man's best friend :) Have a nice day Ophelia :)

Ophelia said...

Hi Merryn thanks for visiting my blog. You too have a lovely day. God bless. Ophelia

vickylow said...

Oh yes I love dog but I left my dog with my mom when I married and moved out. High rise building don't allow us to raise a dog.

Ophelia said...

Thank you Vicky for visiting my blog. It is indeed sad when we have to part with our pet due to circumstances. Have a great day. God bless.