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Saturday, November 20, 2010


            My husband, like most man, is a sport freak and loves all kinds of sport and although I dont really watch all the sports he loves I, really, really am dead crazy about badminton, luv the game man and if ever the live telecast on tv is at 3 a.m., I am able to keep awake for same and as for my better half, the tv will be watching him, haha and my neighbours can probably hear my vocal support for my favourite team which is definitely our boys and girls but of course when live match is late, I have to keep my voice down; like the picture below!!!

             My husband took me to the Badminton World Federation [BWF] Super Series Master Final at Kota Kinabalu held on the 18 - 21 December 2008 and that was one of the best present he could give me as I have never been to see one live!!! Woo hooo, two years ago, seemed so long ago and now hubby is "taunting" me to go for the next Olympics in 2012 in England and my resounding "yea" filled the corners of our hall; where I can see my favourite players up close and he can see what other sports he love best and also he can visit his favourite football team, Tottenham Hotspur in White Hart Lane.

             There is no comparison to watching a live Badminton game where all the best players compete and give their all and being in Kuching, Sabah was such an opportunity for me to observe up close and personal how a World Class event was organised instead of watching it on my telly and the running of the event was smooth. Kudos to the organisers who did a superb job and the best of all is interacting with all the fans; shouting and screaming our heads off; it was way, way too much fun and hubby enjoyed seeing the other side of me, aaahhh the mad side; hearing and joining in the "Malaysia, boleh, Malaysia boleh!!!"  was way too much fun.

              Hubby with the help of our daughter bought the best tickets online so that I could see so clearly and we were literally a few metres away from the players and it was exhilarating some of the World Class players strutting their stuff; jumping smashes, dives and return at eye level and the atmosphere was electrifying when our Malaysian players eventually won; nothing could equate the roaring thunder from the Malaysian fans including yours truly; so much wild abandonment!!! Incredible stuff!!! No words can describe the joy we Malaysians felt when our team finally won; even the long, long wait for a taxi to take both of us back to our hotel did not dispel the joy of actually being there and witnessing the fantastic game that our team put up.  Well done!!! 

           It was helluva cool to be able to take some pictures with my favourite players at the airport at KK, Sabah.

                    xoxo till the next time Ophelia


ilene said...

You're so blessed! Wish my husband could treat me like this some day! :(

Ophelia said...

Dont worry your pretty head dear, I am sure he will :)