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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Char Siew, Non Halal

                                               Char Siew



    1 kg        Belly pork, skinless, cut into 4 stripes


    3 Tabsp   Castor Sugar
    2 Tabsp   Char Siu Sauce [brand, "Lee Kum Kee" or Angel SOS Char Siu]
    1 Tabsp   Oyster Sauce ["Lee Kum Kee"]
    2 Tabsp   Shao Shing Wine
    1 Tabsp   Thick Black Sauce
    2 Tabsp   Light Soya Sauce
    1 teasp     Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock
    1 teasp    Freshly ground White Pepper
    1 teasp    Sesame Oil


    1 Tabsp   Corn flour mix with 1 Tabsp Water
    2 Tabsp   Honey


1.  Mix "B" in a small bowl till combined.  Rub on the belly pork.  Place in a tupperware and marinade minimum 5 hours or overnite.

2.  Next day:-

                 (a) Remove meat from fridge and thaw for 30 minutes;
                 (b) Line a foil on a baking tray [haha less mess to clean];
                 (c) Preheat at 250 degress celcius for 15 minutes.

3.  Place meat spaciously on foiled tray and bake one side for 15 minutes. Retain the marinade as you need same to make a sauce and also to baste the meat.

4.  Remove from oven baste with remaining marinade then turn over the other side and baste the other side too and continue to bake the other side for 15 minutes.

5.  After the second 15 minutes is over, it would be better if you could grill both sides for 3 minutes to get a charred effect which would make the char siew more authetic.  Remove from oven and let the meat "rest" for 1 hour.

6.  Mix the remaining marinade with 1 cup of water in a small sauce pan and boil same.   When boiling, lower heat slightly and add in the corn flour solution & bring the mixture to boil again [whenever adding corn flour solution, you should bring the sauce to a boil otherwise "floury"] Off fire then add in the 2 Tabsp of honey otherwise sauce might be bitter as Honey burns easily.

7. Slice the Char Siew, pour the sauce on top bearing in mind that the char siew is quite sweet and so is the sauce.  You can also serve without the sauce; the Choice is YOURS

                 Ppl may wonder, why am I, after paying, at times big bucks, for classes that I have learnt for cooking, that I am uploading on my blog.  I always think that it really doesnt matter, cos if we are no longer around, what we have learnt, would have died with us, of course excluding my children as, just as much as I have done here, I started long, long time ago, combining all the things that my husband and children love in my FILES so that they would not be lost without me.  That would be my legacy to them and to those who follow me that is, when I dont have any cake orders, I would upload food that my family loves and hope that yours would love it too and that in a sense, it will be my legacy to you too because for me, I feel that my call from the Lord is to share what I have learnt and it gives me so much pleasure if I have in anyway inspired your cooking; do let me know as food is the glue that keeps family together!!!

              A few suggestions you can: a) eat it with rice; blanch some Choy Sam; then pour a little of the sauce on the meat and rice so that it would look like something you would have bought from a hawker stall. Children would love this; b) you can blanch some koon loh mee and Choy Sam and it becomes Koon Loh Meen; c) you can fry rice with it.  There may be your personal variations which I would love to read in your comments to me.  Sorry that there are no pictures.

              xoxo till the next time. Ophelia

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