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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The beautiful hymn of praise, "Lord, I offer my life to you"

           Last Sunday was the 1st Sunday of Advent and when my husband and myself attended Mass, we were happy to see that the Priest who was presiding Mass was Rev Father Michael Chua, an impressive speaker with an equally impressive vocabulary, as he always, somehow manage to, give a beautiful homely in line with the Gospel or the Readings and I always find myself sitting on the edge of the pew, listening intently to what he had to say to the congregation.

           He started off his homely by saying that he had a weakness for chocolates bars and he had been procrastinating from slowly down his intake but somehow always say to himself that another time he will do so. Then he touched on the meaning of Advent, he said Advent meant "coming or arrival" and in line with the Gospel reading where we are told to stand ready because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect" in other words Rev Father told us to be, Always, always ready as we do not know when our time of death will be.  He then touched on the subject that we should not be trapped in our own pains and hurts and that we should learn to let go of those old hurts that "we were, sort of, nursing". I felt that it was as though there was no one there but me and that he was speaking directly to me alone; telling me to get rid of, all my excess baggage that had been hounding me for the past 3 decades, to simply let go and surrender to the Lord.  Of late, I have been trying very hard to purge all the old hurts, the immense pain that has been eating deep inside of me and festering an old wound and letting it damage my piece of mind but it is so difficult to suddenly surface to the top and tell yourself that the pain has been Over 2 decades ago and to Let them go away and to live the remainder of my life, not in deep regret but in immense happiness with my own family, Something that I richly deserve and Something which is Long Overdue.  It is Never, never, easy trying to Forget things that has hurt one so badly in the past But I feel somehow, of late, with the Lord's Help and my loved ones that I am heading in the right direction But for me to be able to Forgive Completely, the desire must, first come from deep within me and in order to be able, to be a whole person again, I must first learn the Act of Forgiveness; not an easy task, I know it well, but then again, nothing is easy in this life, you must sometimes take the bull by its horns. The thought that our Lord died on the cross for us in order to save us should, somehow, give us courage and comfort And that there are more people out there, who are more worse off than me so I made a promise to myself that I want to make this conscious effort to forgive those who had hurt me so badly in the past and I really, really hope that Our Lord will see my deep desire and sincerity and help me in this unsurmountable task ahead of me and that if I should fall and fall I will as the devil always tempts us, Our Lord will Lift me up and let me continue in my endeavour for healing and inner peace, something I long for, for so long in my life and ultimately be able to reach a higher level of inner Solace and to finally be able to, Soar on the wings of an eagle.  I find the following lyrics of the praise and worship hymn, "Lord, I offer my life to you" somehow, deeply moving and comforting.

                 All that I am, all that I have
                 I lay them down before YOU, O Lord
                All my regrets, all of my PAINS
                I am making them YOURS.

                        Lord I offer my life to YOU
                        Everything I have been through
                        Use it for Your Glory
                        Lord I offer my days to You
                        Lifting my praise to You
                        As a pleasing sacrifice
                       Lord I offer you my life.

                 Things in the PAST, things yet Unseen
                 Wishes and Dreams that are yet to come true
                 All of my HOPES, all of my plans
                 My Heart and my Hands are lifted to YOU.

            Thank you Lord for all of these, you told us that you brought us here and you would bring us through it and, ironically, in a big way, it has made me who I am, a much better person, more Loving, understanding and Patient on all counts, it has also made me full of compassion for others, hurt in their own life and to be able to extend my love and advice to anyone who seeked me out for Love and compassion in their own troubled lives.  I also think that it is also God's call for me to, sort of, raise my own bar and reach out and touch others, for I went through the mill and would be able to give first hand advice and solace and if you are reading this, keep all troubled ones in your heart and pray for them, they need your prayers, thank you for "listening". Ophelia

           Lord if ever I should fall and fall I would, let these verses from "Footsteps in the sand" bring me solace:-

                  "You promised me Lord that if I followed You,
                   You would walk with me always
                   But I have noticed that during the
                      most troublesome times of my life
                      there has only been one set of foot prints in the sand
                   Why when I needed YOU the most,
                      have you not been there fore me?

                  The Lord replied, "The years when you have seen
                      only one set of foot prints, my child,
                      is was then that I carried you".

                             Till the next post, xoxo Ophelia


elaine said...

This was the song I chose for my baptism, Juanita. I mean it when I chose this song - Lord, I offer you my life. but i sometimes find that i am not doing anything that is truly glorifying the Lord. I pray for the time when I can put aside my daily chores and truyly offer my life to HIM!
The Lord has kept me and my kids well for the last 2 years, and I thank God for his grace and love. He provided good friends, to hold me up when I am at my lowest.

Ophelia said...

Elaine you chose a very deep and meaningful hymn for your Baptism; one that is deeply moving and yet, at the sametime, comforting to know that the Lord is Always at our doorsteps waiting for us to usher HIM in. HE is there always ready to lavish Love and Blessing on anyone who seeked HIM and who leans on HIM. You are already glorifying HIM in your own way by choosing to live a Life in accordance to His Will. He is always there when we need HIM. He provided you with good friends to lift you up at your lowest ebb. Good friends are like precious jewels and if you can count five in your life, you are indeed Truly Blessed. Keep the fire of friendship burning!!! Ophelia

elaine said...

Thank you Juanita..... :)