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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Mother's Unconditional and Unselfish Love

                    I met this loving couple, Henry and Ann de Souza, 15 years ago in one of our BEC prayer gathering at their home.  The first thing that struck me was the Ann's sheer beauty and her composure and the husband's infinite love for her.  She was wearing a beautiful blue kimono and out of the corners of my eyes, I saw that her husband was adjusting it.  At first I did not realise that she could not see with both her eyes.

                    The first thing I thought to myself was that perhaps this was one of the things where ppl use to say that one cannot be perfect and there is always a flaw somewhere. Ann was not only beautiful but she had the perfect disposition to go along with it and she spoke softly and with so much gentleness and I was so happy to see the love radicating from her husband's eyes.  He looked at her with so much love and held her gently to guide her to meet the BEC who came that nite and I thought to myself that God is Alway loving and fair.

                   We left that community a year after that meeting. Then fifteen years down the line I met a fellow member of that BEC at Church and we picked up where we left off and I asked him about this couple.  He told me that they had migrated to Texas and then he told me why Ann could not see with both eyes.  When she was carrying her son, she was informed by the gyne that there were complications and that she had to choose between having her son which would then impair her sight or terminate the pregnancy.

                      She choose the former even though it meant permanent blindness.  A mother's unconditional and unselfish love.  How many of us when faced with this situation would have done followed her footsteps? I dont think many of us would have done what she did. This explains the husband's infinite love and total devotion and rest assured her rewards here and in Heaven would be enomorous.

              Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


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