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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Muesli Bars

                           My favourite and its not too sweet. 

Ingredients for Muesli Bars

150 gm          Butter
  80 ml           Honey
140 ml           Liquid glucose Or Maltose
  60 gm          Brown Sugar
  20 gm          Milk Powder
    1 teasp     Vanilla
300 gm          *Rolled Oats, toasted
  60 gm          Almond nibs, toasted
  80 gm          Almonds Flakes, toasted
  80 gm          Puff Rice
  50 gm          Chocolate Chips
  50 gm          Dried Bananas or Dried Apples [You can use a combi but a total weight of 50 gm]


(a)  For toasted rolled oats - Measure the rolled oats and put in a tray and spread the rolled oats. Switch on your oven to 140 º C put in the oven straight away and bake it  for 15 minutes [No Need to preheat oven first].  Remove from oven and let it cool at room temperature. Dont forget to set the timer as it is very easy for us to forget same and dont want to land up with burnt oats.

(b)  For toasted Almond nibs and flakes put in a tray and since the oven is hot bake it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes take out, check whether colour is golden brown.  If not brown enough use a spoon to stir the nuts and bake for a further 3 - 5 minutes.  Set the timer too.

(c)  You have to first line a 12" x 9" Swiss Roll pan with Plastic sheet extended over two opposite ends as the muesli bars get harden fast.


1.  Combine rolled oats, puff rice, almond nibs, almond flakes & dried fruits in a big basin  [hereinafter I shall refer this combination as "combined dry ingredients" except for the chocolate chips.

2.  In a heavy base frying pan [5 ply. Heavy base is used so that things wont burn easily] add the butter, sugar, honey, liquid glucose stirring constantly over Low heat without boiling till sugar dissolves.  Stir in powder milk and then bring it to boil over Medium heat stirring for 2 - 3 minutes for a chewy texture.  If you want a crispy texture stir it for 5 minutes.  Please note that you have to follow this exact timing to get the right results.

3.  Lower the heat and add in the combined dry ingredient and Gently mix it well till combine for 3 minutes.  Immediately spread mixture onto the prepared pan, Sprinkle in the chocolate chips and level the top.

4.  Let it cool in the pan at room temperature till firm before cutting into bars and storing into an air tight container. 

          N/B Tips that I wrote do while watching the Chef at class:-

                (a)  Level the top with a rolling pin and have to work extremely fast as it hards quickly;
                (b)  NOT necessary to press Very firmly when levelling;
                (c)  These muesli are very good for breakfast and not very sweet and not difficult to make :)
                (d)  Using liquid glucose makes muesli more chewy.

                                     Enjoy doing and eating same.

                   xoxo until the next time, Ophelia

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