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Monday, November 1, 2010

My hubby's first effort at baking

               I just thought of a funny story to post.  I was at work and in my early thirties when I received a call from my husband, who was on leave.  He said he wanted to bake a cake for tea and asked me for a simple recipe.  I was pleased as punch and it was fortunate I stored a few cake recipes in my computer so I emailed a simple one for him to try with some tips and after finding all the ingredients, he set about to show me that he too could bake a cake for the kids and that it was no big deal!!!

               He put the batter in the oven and set about doing the cleaning. This was one of the reasons I am crazy about this guy cos he Always clean up after cooking and does not leave stacks and stacks of stuff in the sink for Yours Truly to wash up, a man after my own heart and well trained from youth by his mum.

                Twenty minutes later, he called me and from his tone, I gathered he was very excited.  He gushed out that his cake rose up like a helmet and that he could not wait for it to be baked. I told him, under no circumstance to open the oven door, as the hot air will then disperse, until the timer rings and then to check with a skewer whether the cake was baked. I put down the phone with great anticipation of a lovely tete a tete with him so I thought nothing further and continued with my work waiting for the time to fly as I was waiting to eat his maiden cake.

                  I reached home, gave him a hug, eagerly waiting to see his cake and eat it but he appeared despondent. Wao, I said to myself, something must have gone wrong. I dashed into the kitchen and lo and behold I saw his cake had somewhat deflated and was a vision of valleys and hills.  I consoled him, "No worries dear, your cake taste good. I was thinking it had to taste good after all, wasnt it one of my favourite recipes.

                  Twenty five good years have since passed and I can still visualise the cake in my mind's eye. Of course I didnt tease him when he baked the cake otherwise he may not have turned up to be the fantastic Chef he is today, though of course he has made no further attempt to bake another cake.

                   I always regretted that at that time we were all not so IT Savy nor were our pockets flushed otherwise could have captured the cake on camera as we just starting our career and home  but on reflection, our pockets may not have been inflated but our hearts were.


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