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Friday, November 19, 2010

To all dog lovers - Dog logic

                           I simply love the logic behind this email.

             1.  The reason a dog has so many friends is that
                      he wags his tail instead of his tongue  - Anonymous

             2.  There is no psychiatrist in the world
                     like a puppy licking your face -  Ben Williams

                3.  A dog is the only thing on earth
                        that loves you more than he loves himself - Josh Billings

               4.  Anyone who doesnt know what soap taste like
                       never washed a dog - Franklin P. Jones

                5.  If your dog is fat
                       You arent getting enough exercise - Unknown

                6.  If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous
                       He will not bite you
                       That is the principal difference between
                       a dog and a man - Mark Twain

                7.  Dogs are not our whole life
                        But they can make our lives whole - Roger Caras

              8.  If you think dogs can't count
                     Try putting 3 biscuits in your pocket
                     And then give him only two of them - Phil Pastoret

                           9.  And now saving the best for last.

                      And now let's play a little game. Tell me from 1 to 9, which of the above you find true? For me, I love No.7 & 8 best because to me, all that a dog will ask is to be loved and to be feed and in return, she give you Unconditional LOVE!!! Ophelia

                      xoxo until the next time.  Ophelia


ilene said...

Oh I love no. 9. So cute with their wriggling noses (and head)! woof! Hey, you're getting better with your blog!

Ophelia said...

Ok, ok you have started the ball rolling, I love that and note that you love No.9, cute aah? Ok lets see whether other ppl would participate. Thank you for the compliments. I find that I enjoy this hugely~~~

Jiawen said...

I like number 7. :)

4 reminds me of why my dogs are not always very clean too. Hehehe

Ophelia said...

Hi Jiawen welcome to my blog. Ok like me, I love No.7 best as all they ask for is to be Loved, Fed, to play with and what the pet Gives in return is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There is no purier love than that!!! My better half loves all kinds of animals, haha he should have been a vet, 15 years ago I wasnt much into it as I tot there is too much work to have pets then slowly he managed to "transfer" all that feeling into me, the uninitiated and poof, I took to it like a house on fire!!! If my dog, Sundae and my daughter's cutee could speak, they will "tell" you how equally besotted I am of them and now I will gladly testify, there is no greater love than theirs, I mean of course excluding my family's love for each other. Haha, I also love your after note of No.4!!! God bless.