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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tom Yam with a diff

           Normally one is usually served the famous Thai Tom Yam where the base/stock either freshly made chicken or prawn stock or a stock made of water and loaded with Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock.  The one I am blogging here, the base is coconut water and the coconut is not the Thai variety which is very small and the amount of the coconut water insufficient and pandan flavour as that variety is, if I may add could be artifically flavoured sweet though I dont mind the aroma of the pandan but the coconut I use is the usual big green coconut that one would sometimes see some venders selling them by the road sides, and this is especially for Selangor, Malaysia readers :), you can sometimes find that the Venders are very innovative, they tie the coconuts on a tree along the Sungei Buloh Road, ok enough of small talk and let's get down to the business of cooking a delicious Tom Yam, which is Yammilicious :) :) :) again viewers sorry have no picture to show you of my Tom Yam as I was just initiated to blogsphere and fb five months back and prior to that I didnt take photos of my food :( so now I have to start from scratch and if you stay on as my ardent followers, not only will you be prompted when I have any of my new post, you get to learn to cook with me and you would ask, what would I get in return.  Well dat's easy for starters, my dream is to build a huge fan/follower base; second if those of you who have tried what I have lovingly uploaded, return back to said recipe and COMMENT on your take after you have tried same; well that would be simply marvellous cos I get then to interact with you, my second dream :)

Ingredients for Tom Yam

    1 kg          medium size prawns
    2              Big Green coconuts; you need both the coconut water
                    and the flesh from both
600 ml          Water
    3 Tabsp     Tom Yam Sauce + some of its oil [to give its colour to Tom Yam]
                     (the brand is "Mae Pranom Thai Chilli Paste" which is imported
                       by Seri Trading) :) again this "imported" info part
                       is for the benefit of Malaysian viewers as in other parts
                       of the world, I Do Not know which company imports
                       this brand, sorry :( but check the brand out in your
                       local supermarkets which will definitely stock them :)

  10                 Yin Sai roots [roots of coriander] as the flavour is in the roots
  40 gm            Lengkuas/Galangal, smash into piece to allow all the lovely
                            flavour to infuse the Tom Yam
    3                 Serai/Lemon Grass, smashed agin for infusing
  10                 Shallots
    3                 Ripe but firm Tomatoes, deseeded
  20                 Red Chilli Padi, whole [do not cut]
    1                 small packet of Inoki Mushrooms

    3                  Limau Perut leaves, remove the veins [bitter] and just
                        before adding to the Tom Yam crushed to release aroma
    7                  Assam Keping
    1 teasp        Salt
    3 Tabsp        Sugar
    5 Tabsp        Evaporated Milk [Not santan or UHT Milk pse]
    5 Tabsp        Limau Nipis juice [big green limes]

  1. Put in a big pot all the coconut water, 650 ml water, Serai, Lengkuas, Shallot, Chilli Padi, Limau Perut leaves, Yin Sai roots [cut 5" from the root, dont really want the leaves but if there are some sticking, it is ok].  Cover the big pot and let it boil for 15 - 20 minutes [after 15 minutes you can enjoy the heavenly aroma].  Put on the timer as the soup will overflow when you cover it and you dont want to waste the gorgeous slurpy soup!!!  Preferably use a 5 ply pot, like the Buffalo brand, which has a hole in the cover it would not overflow and at the same time you can inhale the aroma.
  2. Once it has boiled, add 3 Tabsp Tom Yam Sauce, a little of its oil [for colour], the flesh of the coconut, seedless Tomatoes, Salt, Sugar, Evaporated Milk, Prawns, cover the pot and bring it to a boil; making sure you Do not Overcook the prawns.
  3. Once boiled, stir the tom yam, taste to check seasoning.  If taste is to your liking, Switch off the fire Then only add the juice of the Limau Nipis as tom yam will taste bitter if fire is on and you add the limau nipis juice [that was what we were taught by the Chef and I wouldnt be one to go against the Chef's advice :)]
  1. Chilli padi do not cut, put it in whole as the tom yam is not hot despite the 20 but of course on the other extreme for those who like it hot; may be you could smash 10 of them or all of them; the choice is of course yours, mine is just to teach you :)
  2. When adding the limau nipis juice, you should off the fire first;
  3. This is my take on it; it would be good if you make the soup the day before in order to allow everything to infuse and it taste so much better the next.  Another suggestion is that you can blanch some bee hoon to al dante and then eat this as a noodle which is yummilicious!!!
  4. As taste is something personal, salt and sugar mentioned in the ingredients is just as a guide for you.  For me whenever I have learnt something, I would first do as per the original and then if my family likes the taste, I will adopt it but if they prefer more spicy, etc etc I will then increase accordingly and at the same time I will note, straight away minute the difference in my recipe so that the next time I would follow their preference as for me it is important to always follow a recipe rigidly so that the taste of anything, be it my cakes or food, Constancy is Alway the same; no hit or run case for me that is why in terms of the cakes that I sell, my customers have always told me that it was the same as the last time they bought be it a month ago or 2 years ago because for me fresh ingredients and constant results are my priorities, sorry for this diversion it is just that I would like to share my cooking recipes, esp, the tips that the Chef "throws" at us, his students, so that you viewers will get the whole package from yours truly :)
                          xoxo till the next post, Ophelia

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