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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Useful tips in Daily life

1.  Cooking soft tofu is quite difficult as it breaks easily. Soak soft tofu in salt water for 30 minutes before cooking.  Drain the tofu before cooking.

2.  If you have added slightly too much salt in your soup, do not add more water as then the taste of the soup will be affected. Boiled some potatoes till it is cooked then add them into the soup as boiled potatoes will absorb the salt.

3.  Cutting taro can make your hands itch.  Soak your hands in vinegar before cutting taro.

4.  The trick to slow down potato germination - Placing an apple in potatoes can significantly their germination time.

5.  When storing biscuits in a container, put a sugar cube in it at the same time.  The sugar will absorb the moisture in the container and the biscuit can remain crispy.

6.  Put a little baking soda directly into boots, shoes or sneakers that are obviously smelly due to dampness as it has the effect of absorbing moisture and odor.

7.  To sharpen scissors - stack 3 aluminum foil together then cut them together to sharpen scissors.  You will see surprising result.  I am waiting to test this out.

8.  How to remove annoying gummed label.  It is very annoying when it comes to removing price tags on merchandise.  To remove the gummed label neatly, use a hair dryer to apply heat on the label before taking them off.   Cool, I am often beset by this problem, have to check this out too!!

9.  Use left over beer to wipe the leaves of plant to remove dust and to keep them lustery.  Furthermore, it also prevents the ants from coming to the plant.

10. Before throwing away empty perfume bottles, you can use it to clean indoor light bulbs with cotton buds.  When the bulbs lights up and warm up, the whole room will be filled with the aroma of your favourite perfume.

11. To remove crayon graffiti on wooden furniture - The most suitable method is to use toothpaste, not only does it clean the furniture, it does not damage same. Although the use of paint solvent can do the job, the paint on the surface could be damage.  Note - Crayon stains cannot be removed with water, it probably would make it worse.

              xoxo, until the next time. Ophelia

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