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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bubur Cha Cha

                                                                      Bubur Cha Cha


         300 gm        Purple Sweet Potato [weigh after skinning same. Steam then mash]
         300 gm        Yam [weigh after skinning. Steam then mash]
             8 teasp     Sago, wash & drain [no need to soak same]
       1800 ml          Water
             4              Pandan leaves
          200 gm        Gula Melaka
             2 Tabsp    Castor Sugar


         150 gm         Yam [weigh after skinning.  Cube then steam]
         150 gm         Purple Sweet Potato [weigh after skinning Cubed then steam ]
         200 ml          FRESH Santan/Coconut Milk
         1/2 teasp      Salt

  1. Do not shred the pandan leaves till the very end.  Then knot it.  Shredding releases the aroma.
  2. In a large pot. put 300 gm steamed mash Purple Sweet Potato, 300 gm steamed mash Yam, Sago and 150 ml water, knotted pandan leaves, gula Melaka, Castor Sugar and boil it at High heat for 15 minutes, stirring occassionally.  OFF THE FIRE, SO THAT IT DOES NOT OVER BOIL.
  3. Put the fresh Santan in a bowl.  Once No.2 has been boiled, spoon 1 Big ladleful of the hot mixture into the bowl containing the fresh santan, stir it in order to incorporate it Then pour it into the, same, pot and all the balance of ingredients in "B" bring this mixture again to a boil then switch off the fire.
               Tip:- What I am about to write below is my own notes on my observation and what the Chef mentioned in passing and these are things not written at all in the recipe.  So my tip to you when you attend baking or cooking class, talk less and pay attention cos you will never know that you may have missed out what the Chef is telling and when you come back from class, try to retype the recipe with your notes interlinked so that you will know where exacting it should fit it but please dont go and confuse yourself in the process, if you are not an "old hand" in something like retyping, I suggest you dont retype as you may confuse yourself and if you find that you can adapt to my style ie retyping and putting in the relevant notes at the stragetic place, type it, if possible on the same day when the things are fresh on your mind and once you have done so, do not throw away the original, keep them both together as a cross reference :) :) :)

           (a) when you add the hot liquid to the fresh santan, this is called, "Tempering" and is a trade secret as if you put all of the fresh santan all at once into the hot boiling mixture, mixture may curdle];

           (b)  another secret is, if your fire is Too HIGH the bubur cha cha will curdle and wont be smooth];

            (c)  Another tip is once you have attended a class, you should do it asap when things are fresh in your memory :)

            (d)  This Bubur Cha Cha truly packs a punch as the mashed Yam and Purple Sweet Potato gives it a slight thickness and not very sweet.  When I first learnt it back in 2005, I made it and brought it as a Pot Luck to one of our Catholic BEC meeting at a member's house and after our prayers, when we were eating, I could literally hear the "ooos" and "aaas" of my Church members who were truly delighted with the Bubur Cha Cha and for a few minutes, I was an "instant celebrity".  Do this and be an instant celebrity too!!!  You wont be disappointed :)  And for those of you who will take up this challenge I am throwing to you to do same, let me have your comments pse as all these recipes comes from the heart and it will be a reward to me if you tried same and comment on the post. God bless. Ophelia

                Till the next post, adious, xoxo. Ophelia

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