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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Steam Egg with Minced Meat Sauce

                                           Steam Egg with Saute minced Pork Sauce

             In my younger days when I was ardently learning how to bake and cook I always followed a recipe rigidly now after more than 2 decades, I think I have earned my star and stripes and have decided to occasionally go outside the perimeter of an imaginary box by "marrying" one recipe with another with the hope of raising my own bar and creating something of my own and today is the culmination of one of those days.

          I dont have fresh soya bean milk as didnt go to the market which I needed to make my homemade Tofu to accompany the Sauted minced Pork Sauce but then I had alot of fresh eggs in the fridge, fingers strumming on my head.  "Well, perhaps, I told myself, I can make steam egg and pour this delicious sauce over it. Hmmmmm, good idea but then I thought to myself, I have never in my life steam eggs, so how lah.

            My best friend taught me eons ago that it was not difficult, the only thing to remember was the ratio 1 part egg to 1 part water [and for those of you who, like me, have never steam egg and too shy to ask me, the weight of the egg is minus the shells[ and inspite of her assurance I never made it as my better half does not, generally, like to eat bland food.  For him, it is always, Chilli, Chilli and more Chilli!!! But never mind I told myself, I shall compromise.

            So in order to fill our bellies, when the fridge is almost bare, I decided today shall be the D Day for me to put the theory to the test.  Guess what ppl I am so mighty glad that I finally did it as my family loved it and the texture of the eggs was smooth and pouring the sauce on the steam egg was a big bonus as better half loved it.  One important trick that I learnt in my cooking classes is that whenever you steam tofu or steam egg, you should NOT cover the lid completely; leave a slight gap as this makes the texture Level, AND you should grease the bowl/cake tin with a little oil as easier to scope out and wash and for those of you who want to try this, the recipe for my Saute Mince Meat Sauce, see my earlier post on Homemade Tofu. 

            A last note to add is that it is easier to make the steam egg in comparision with the homemade tofu, not for any other reason than that you would probably have fresh eggs in the fridge than fresh Soya Bean Milk :)

                   Till the next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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