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Monday, December 6, 2010

Have you ever?

           Do you notice that everyone has a "Have you ever?" list.  To some, it could be, "Have you ever":-

  1. been loved?
  2. been kissed?
  3. made a real good fren, who has stood by you all the while, lifting you up when you are down, sharing yr joy when you are overflowing with joy?
  4. lost someone dear to you and feel that the world has stopped revolving?
  5. baked and the cake was a total disaster?  Well, I had when I first started learning baking more than 2 decades ago But that never stopped me from giving it all up altogether even my husband had, Read one of my earlier blogs on his attempt but in his case, it was not pursued any further :(
                 Well there are so many Have you ever, but for me, these are "Have you Ever" that stopped me in my tracks.  Have you ever:-
  1. been awaken with a kiss by your dog??? If you have, you will know how beautiful this is, aside from the fact that it is going to be a "wet" kiss and one which you will instinctively rub off.  Sundae my 5 year old Lab always wakes us up with a kiss to sort of tell us, "Hey where's my breakfast?"
    1. prior to meal times been barked at to sort of give you a gentle prod in that direction.  I can almost "swear" that she has a built in alarm in her body.  Every day at 8 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. she Waits patiently for her food and if you have forgot, you dont have to worry, she will Bark to remind you of same. Then if that is not enough, at 1 p.m. she would look expectedly at you while you have yr lunch as for her it is time for her apple.  Maybe Sundae can teach us a thing or two about keeping up to schedules be it at the work place or at home and as I can't jolly well upload a video on how she wakes us up with a kiss, I leave it to your imagination to know that Sundae fills up any imaginary void in our lives, she gave so much Love to us unconditionally and evoke so much Love in us and this "big" bundle of joy that came into our lives as a Christmas present 5 years ago to fill the void that our beloved 17 year old Lindsey, our pet, left behind on the same very year as our children felt that it was fitting to put someone in Lindsey's prominent absence.
                    Till my next post, xoxo Ophelia

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