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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Tartar Sauce

                                                  Homemade Tartar Sauce


             5 Tabsp         Mayo [cake measuring spoon]
             1 piece          Anchovy Fillet & 1 teaspoon of the oil from the Anchovy
             2 Tabsp         French Mustard
             4 cloves         Garlic, chop finely
             3                    Shallots/small onion, chop finely
             3 - 4              Red Chilli Padi, chop finely, opt
             1 teasp         Worcestershire Sauce
            1/2 teasp        Freshly ground White Pepper
            1 Tabsp          Lemon juice
            1/2 teasp       Paprika
            1 teasp          Olive Oil

  1. Combine all the above ingredients, except the Olive oil and the oil from the Anchovy in a bowl and stir same till combined.
  2. Add the Olive oil and the Anchovy oil and stir.
  3. Taste and adjust accordingly.

            (a)  Make Fish and chips and use this Tartar Sauce as a dressing;

            (b)  All the spoon measurements are done with the cake measuring spoons;

            (c)  For my Malaysian viewers, I bought my Anchovy Fillet from 1 Utama.  This Tartar Sauce is yummylicious and I improvised it to make it more Malaysian by adding the chilli padi for my family and my daughter told me that it was delicious and spicy enough that she need not dip the potato chip with any chilli sauce!!!  I was very happy to hear that as I spent more than 20 years learning baking and cooking and now I am venturing "outside the box" by adding the chilli padi in order to make it more Malaysian and personalised and the net result was that it was very good.  One advice I would always advocate is whenever you are making any personal changes in cooking, to always write down the changes, this is something I always do.

             If you are interested to make the fish, buy Sole fish, it is very tasty too. Make your own bread crumbs a day ahead.  It is so easy to do and it is more fresher and save you the hassle of storing the balance if you buy the bread crumbs.

              Take 3 pieces of bread, preferably bread that is about 2 - 3 days old.  Put the bread on a wire cake rack and let it air dry for 4 - 5 hours, after which the bread will be, crispy like toasted bread.  Then blend it in a dry mill and store it in a air tight bottle.
  1. Cut the fish then marinade with salt and freshly ground Black Pepper powder.  Put it in the fridge and let it marinade for 1 - 2 hours.
  2. Put some All Purpose Flour/Tepung Gandung on a plate.  Add a pinch of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground White Pepper powder to the flour [this is called, "season flour".]
  3. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl with some White Pepper powder till eggs frothy.
  4. Put the bread crumbs on a plate.
  5. Remove fish from fridge and let it thaw for 30 minutes.
  6. Heat oil in a wok for deep frying the fish.
  7. If you want to know whether the oil is hot enough for frying, put a chopstick in the hot oil and if you see alot of bubble bubbling around the chopstick, your oil is hot.
  8. When oil is hot, straight away Reduce the fire to medium low as you dont want the outside of fish to cook and the inside raw. 1.  Coat the fish in the season flour. SHAKE off the excess flour from the fish.  2.  Then dip the fish in the beaten egg.  3.  Then dip the fish in the bread crumbs.  Repeat with the other slices of fish.
  9. Fry on both sides till golden colour.   Drain on kitchen towel.
  10. Serve with salad, potato chips and tartar sauce.
                  till the next post, xoxo. Ophelia

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