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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kum Heong Flower Crab

                                      Kum Heong Flower Crab


       800 - 1.2 kg           Flower Crab/Yoke Hai
                                     Oil for shallow frying


        5                          Shallots/small onions, sliced
        5                          pips Garlic, sliced
        2                          Red Chilli Padi
     1 1/2 Tabsp             Dried Prawns
        2                          sprigs Curry Leaves

        "B" [Paste]

         4 Tabsp               Fish Curry Powder
         1/8 teasp             Chilli Powder
         1/2 teasp             Salt
       1 1/2 Tabsp           Sugar
          3 Tabsp              Water
          2 Tabsp              Oil

  1. Prepare "B" in a bowl.  Set aside.
  2. Wash then soak the dried prawn for 10 minutes, drain then chop finely. 
  3. Heat 1 Tabsp oil, fry the dried prawns till fragrant and "jump around". Dish out, leaving the fragrant oil in the wok.
  4. Add another 2 Tabsp of Oil into the wok containing the oil that was fried earlier with the dried prawns as oil fragrant & fry crabs till it changes re colour, about 5 minutes. Dish out crabs, leaving again the fragrant in wok.
  5. Heat the oil in No.4 above, if not enough add a little more oil, fry the sliced shallots first [as garlic browns fast and gets burnt easily] then add the garlic and red chilli padi, stirring all the while, crush the curry leaves with your hand, to release its fragance [just before putting the curry leaves in so that you can the full impact of its fragance in the hot oil] the pre fried dried prawns stir fry for 1 minute then add in "B" ie the paste stir fry till fragrant about 3 minutes, add the pre cooked crabs for 2 - 3 minutes to allow the crabs to infuse.  Check taste, adjust accordingly. Dish out and enjoy it.

            N/B  Variations:-

               (a) Can also use 1 kg of lala;  OR

               (b)  1 kg Sotong [I did with Sotong and it is Sotonglicious!!!!! :) ] For presentation, like what the restaurant serve, in order to impress family, 1. Boil some water in pot. 2. remove the iodine bag, wash inside prop, then using a sharp knife make some insertions on the outside of the sotong, Do not cut too deep. 3. Put the sotong in the hot boiling water [this is called, "blanching"] for 1 - 2 minutes as You Do Not want to Over Cook it;

                 (c) When I learnt this from a Chef, I came back and decided to add Chilli Powder for a better colour and it looks more appertising and in order to fete my better half, who is a chilli king, haha and really if you do this, yr better half will look at you in a different light as it is truly superb and fit for a king; not trying to be condescending as you may all know how to do it but would have done it by way of agar agar and here, I have given you the measurements as I am one who always like to do something that I can reproduce again without any problems and with exactly the same taste as for me, I dont believe in "hit and run" I always, always like to have constant results whether it is in baking or in cooking and esp in cooking, I will go an extra mile to measure stuff.  I have some cooking frens who learnt cooking and baking with me and who used to tell me that they wouldnt go through all that hassle, ie measuring, when they cook, of course when they bake it is an entirely diff matter as baking you cant simply do what you like :( , but the point I m truly to sell to you is to make the difference, go the extra mile, measure things so that there is Always consistency in your cooking and you will be amazed at the reaction of your family.  Follow me and let me take you to new heights in cooking and sometimes in my simplier baking; as in baking there are some things you just have to learn and watch the Chef yourself :) Sorry I have no pictures but I am sure, you can visualise :)

              xoxo till the next posting. God bless. Ophelia

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