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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three fold

             For the price of one 1pad as a Christmas love gift, it garnered 3 ardent fans, yours truly being the most "hooked" and ever since then it has been bye bye to Bejewel 2, Bubble, Majhong Dark Diamension and now I m completely hooked to "Restaurant Story" and "Bakery Story" obviously because of my own passions in both baking and cooking and if only all the tips were real, I probably would be working my way towards being a millionaire!!!

                So now I find my free time divided between blogging, fb and "ipad ing" and at times 24 hours a days is way too short unless of course when I have any cake orders which would then preceded anything else when I would take my time to prepare and then bake slowly and enjoy the ride as baking is my first passion!!! So today after the Tiramisu was collected, I went to purchase ingredients for my Sugee/Semolina cake order on the 30th for a very dear fren, had dinner then fried my sugee and infusing same with butter so that I could bake it tomorrow and then the rest of my nite was devoted mostly to blogging and playing on the Ipad.

                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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