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Friday, December 24, 2010

What does real friendship mean in our life?

                  I met this wonderful fren, Cecillia at cake class about 5 years ago.  I brought a few slices of the Yam Layer cake which I baked to eat during the break as didnt have time to have lunch and offered some to her.  She ate a slice and after listening to me talking about my passion in baking, she asked whether I could bake a cake for her fren, which of course, I did.

                 We then picked it up from there and as she was quite new to baking and wanted to learn baking, I knew there and then that I had a mission, so to speak, to do and one very positive aspect of her is that when she loves a recipe, she is very eager to do it quickly even though she has so much work at her office, she would find time to juggle so that she could bake at nite when she came back from work.  My hats off to her cos even I did not do such thing.  For me I dont practise straight away but if I love something I learnt, I would take leave and do it.

                   I took her under my wing and mostly tutored her via her handphone and once at my home where I gave her a hands on demo on my Orange cake.  I also remembered she wanted to learn my Mini Coconut buns and we spoke at length on numerous occasions; coaching her, giving her the moral support and when she was baking the buns and she had any problems; trying to trouble shot the problem.  Those were beautiful memories of days of past and I swelled with pride when she could bake the buns with just "phone calls lessions".  Yes Cecillia, you made me damn proud of you on your success.

                     I feel quite sad that we dont get to meet so often these days as we dont go to the same classes and that made me remember a touching email about the sessions in a person's life in relation to friendship; that there was a time to bond with good frens and then there will come a time when frens move apart; wish I had that email so that I could post same.  When 5 of my good frens moved on, the sadness I felt was almost tangible and the only saving grace is that we were just a phone call away and the 5 ladies who touched a vital spot in my life were Cecillia, Min Choo [who even though Min Choo was away for more than 7 years and now in the US, she never failed to call me every 2 weeks since she has been away], Aimee, Rosie, Janet.  I met all of them at baking class and somehow I jelled well with each one of them and were constantly touching base; helping and prodding each other along when the need arises. 

                       So Cecillia thank you very much for your lovely basket of fruits, I loved them and you made my day.  Thank you for always remembering me, I love you too and to you my dear fren may God bless you and fill your days with GLADNESS, LOVE & PROSPERITY.

                   Till my next post, xoxo Ophelia



ilene said... blessed to have wonderful friends and I'm blessed to have you for a friend!

Ophelia said...

Yes my good fren I Am Also BLESSED to have YOU as my good fren. It is ALWAYS such a wonderful feeling when you know that you have good frens to lean on. I am Very Blessed that we have connected again after a Very, very long absence. God bless you my dear fren.