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Monday, January 17, 2011

Chicken Ala Kiev

               One might ask "What is Chicken Ala Kiev?"  It is a popular dish of boneless chicken breast & rolled around cold garlic butter with herbs then breaded/coated with flour, eggs & bread crumbs & either fried or baked.  In the following recipe the chicken breast is rolled around cold butter with mushroom & smoked turkey.  You can also substitute the smoked turkey for bacon :) Ophelia

                                               Chicken Ala Kiev


                4                Chicken breast
            250 gm           Salted Butter
            100 gm           Button Mushrooms, diced
            100 gm           Smoked Turkey Ham
                4 cloves      Garlic
             300 ml            *Dairy Whipping Cream eg brands like "Anchor", "Shani", "Embork" etc
                                   Salt & ground Pepper to taste

                                   A packet of mixed Salad

                For coating:-         All purpose flour/tepung gandung, sieved, egg & bread crumbs

  1. Wash chicken breasts, dry well with kitchen towel.  Trim then slice in the centre, [Do not cut till the extreme end] to make a butterfly cut.  Then use a meat hammer & pound it.  Set aside.
  2. Chop the turkey ham & half of the mushrooms.  Heat very little oil & fry the garlic short while, as it burns very fast, then add the turnkey ham, the mushrooms & ground pepper.  Dish out onto plate & let it Cool completely.
  3. Take the butter out from the fridge first & leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes.  Put the butter in Kenwood Machine & use the K beater & manually break up the butter & beat it a short while.  Then add in the cooled Turkey/Mushroom filling & beat again short while [couple of minutes] Effect: Butter is still still a little hard.  Then use a wooden spoon & manually mix it.  End result: butter still a little hard.  Then roll butter into a sausage & cling wrap it & freeze butter.
  4. In the meantime get this ready.  (a)  Heat alot of oil in a wok for deep frying the chicken.  (b) Sieve the flour put it in a small plate, beat the egg & put the bread crumbs in a small plate.  As you have to first coat the chicken breast with flour, then the eggs and lastly the breadcrumbs, arrange them in order near your cooking stove.
  5. Take the butter out from fridge; cut it into big chunks.
  6. Take a piece of chicken breast; put a chunk of the hard butter in the centre.  Fold the breast into a cylinder then pane/coat it first in the flour, eggs then bread crumbs & deep fry Tip:- 1. on medium fire as you dont want the outside to cook faster than the inside. 2. And once the chicken breast are golden brown, increase the fire to high then quickly take them out with a big siever & drain on paper kitchen towel to drain excess oil.  We were taught by the Chef, the rationale is that first fire is high, put in the chicken then lower fire to medium once golden brown increase fire to high then remove as if the fire is high just before removing chicken, it wouldnt absorb so much oil. :)
  7. Now to a simple mushroom sauce.  Saute with a little oil some garlic and the balance of the mushroom. Then add in 300 ml of dairy whipping cream and season the sauce with ground black pepper & a little sauce.
  8. Assembly :- Place some salad on individual plate, place your fried chicken & the mushroom sauce.
             Notes:- There is a difference between *Dairy Whipping Cream & Non Dairy Cream.  Non Dairy is sweet & cannot be used for cooking.  It is for decorating cakes.  And this recipe calls for Dairy Whipping Cream.  :( this info is for those who are new in the "baking & cooking game". 

                            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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