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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicken Consomme Soup

            Some of you may ask, "What exactly is a Consomme?"  The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, describes it as a type of clear soup made from richly flavoured stock or bouillon that has been clarified usually from a fining process involving egg protein.  My simple explanation is that  it is a clear broth made from freshly flavoured stock; cooled down completely and then refrigerated and one important note to make is that the stock and the julienne/cut in stripes Should be Cold and the egg Whites acts as a trap to gather all the stuff together and what we are left in the end is a Clear favourful broth.  I did this once after learning it :(  as I have learnt so much that at times it takes a lot of time before I can go full circle but I definitely intent to make this again, just for the sheer "pleasure" of seeing the egg Whites trapping the other ingredients but most of all for the rich flavour of the broth and the next time I think I would either do a Beef or Pork Consomme, xoxo Ophelia

                                 Chicken Consomme Soup

          "A" for making chicken stock

              5             Chicken carcass, chopped
              1             small Chicken Breast
                      Ideally & also to lessen the work load in a day, make this stock the day before then cool completely before putting in the fridge. Put 3.5 litres of water & chicken carcass in a big pot & bring it to a boil then reduce fire to medium & simmer for 2 hours on low - medium fire.  You need a stock of 2.4 litres, if you have excess, Do not throw as can be used for many things. Cool completely, cover it & then refrigerate it overnite.  [Do not put anything else except for the chicken carcass to boil the stock]


                1               *Oignon Brule [see notes below]

             100 gm         Onions, cut             ] this is called
               50 gm          Carrots, cut           ]  "Mirepoix"
               50 gm          Celery, cut            ]  After cutting, cling
               50 gm           Leek, cut             ]  wrap & refrigerate
             690 gm           minced Chicken   [sorry for the odd figure as this is exactly what we learnt]
                 5                 Egg Whites
             170 gm           **Tomato Concasse approximately 3 tomatoes

                 1 sprig        English Parsley               ]"Stardard Sachet d' Epices
                 1 teasp        dried Thyme                    ] French term for "Bag
                 2                 Dried Bay leaf                 ] of Spices & tie same
                 1 Tabsp       Black Pepper, crushed    ] in a muslin/cheesecloth bag

              For garnish:-

              100 gm          Leek, julienne
              100 gm          Carrot, julienne
              100 gm          Celery, julienne
              100 gm          Potatoes, julienne
              100 gm          Chicken breast, shredded [this was boiled together with the carcass for the stock]

                      After cutting the items for garnish.  Cling wrap & put in the fridge.

  1. Beat the egg till frothy.
  2. Combine the Oignon brule, 200 gm of the Mirepoix, the frothy egg whites & mix well.  Add this to the cold stock & bring it to a slow simmer on medium heat.  Stir frequently until a raft forms approximately 5 minutes.  Once it forms into a lump, Do Not stir anymore.
  3. Add in the Standard Sachet d'spice & simmer on low medium fire for 1 1/2 hours until the appropriate flavour is achieved.
  4. Strain - you only need the clear stock & then season with salt & pepper according to your taste.
  5. Add the garnish to the Consomme. 

             (a)  *Oignon Brule is made by removing the skin of an onion then halving it crosswise & charring the cut edge on a flat top of a pan [no oil is used in this process] This is used to color & enrich stock/soup.  Onions contain sugar therefore it chars/burns fast.

                                                            Oignon Brule

             (b)  Mirepoix brings out the aroma & it is for taste.  It is a combination of chopped aromatic vegetable & contains 2 parts onion, one part carrot, one part celery and one part leek to flavour stocks, soup, braises & stews.  The sizes of cut depends on how the mirepoix is to be used.  If it is to be used for long cooking, the veg should be cut more chunky and if used for fast cooking then veg has to be cut smaller :).

              (c)   Tomato Concasse means the skin & seeds are removed from the Tomato.  Tip :- to remove the skin of the tomato easily just make an "x" at the bottom of the tomatoes then put them in boiling water for 30 seconds. Some ppl like yours truly also like to submerge the tomatoes in ice cold water in order to stop the cooking process. You can then remove the skin easily as it would have "flared" out a little from the "x" that was made.  Remove the skin, cut it to remove the seeds.

               Some of you might think that some of my stuff is a little long winded.  I love, to not only type the recipes but I also like to add in the additional notes/info which are not found in the recipe but which are either things I observed at class or when the Chef relates vocally and I will religiously write them down, haha, sometimes in short hand as Chef sometimes speak so quickly and then come home and type the same if possible same day when the things are fresh on my mind and incorporate the tips at the relevant places and most of my observations/notes are highlighted in bold.  I do hope you find them helpful and, lastly, IT would please me if some of you visitors will, not just only look or print these recipes but to also give me comments here in My blog to give me more incentive to type more for you otherwise it is very easy for a person to feel discouraged from doing more.  That is my honest opinion. :) :) :)

                                           Tralallla a raft is formed; encasing the miropiox/veg. 

Yeah, finally I did the Consomme and this time I did my Consomme again.  I strained the Consomme and then added a sprig of fresh Tarragon from my garden and let it infused in the hot liquid. Then you add the garnish & the shredded, cooked Chicken breast.
                             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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