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Friday, January 14, 2011

Crab Meat Balls ["Hai Zhou"] (Halal)

               CNY is just round the corner so alot of ppl would be on leave and this year, you are all very lucky as there are other public holidays that are close by to CNY so you need take 1 - 2 days to bridge the gap, lucky ppl.


           600 gm            Pork, minced [use "Siong Yoke"]
           500 gm           Tenggeri [after removing centre bone & skin, weight 300 gm]
             10 pieces      Water Chestnuts, chopped
           100 gm            Carrot, chopped
           500 gm            Crab [after steaming & removing shell, weigh 200gm crab meat]
               5                  Shallots/Small Onion
               3                  Unsalted Bean Curd Sheets. [There are 2 kinds; the Unsalted ones after frying
                                                   more crispy.  Just use a clean cloth and wipe the sheets; cannot wash!

                 1                   Egg
                 3 Tabsp      Corn flour
                 1 Tabsp       Sugar
                 2 Tabsp       Soya Sauce
                 2 teasp          Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock
                1 1/2 teasp     Salt
                1 teasp           Ground White Pepper

               Starch Solution

                  1 Tabsp        Tapioca Flour mix with 3 Tabsp Tap Water + 3 Tabsp hot water, stir.
                                    If too thick add a bit more hot water gradually, stir.

  1. Wipe bean curd sheets then cut into long stripes; very delicate; be gentle.
  2. In a plastic basin put the Minced Pork, egg, salt, corn flour, ground white pepper & soya sauce.  Mix it by using your 2nd & 3rd finger & going round & round.  Then pick it up & throw into the basing many times till meat is sticky.
  3. Then add the fish, crab, carrot, onion, chicken granules & again using your 2nd & 3rd fingers go round and round and then bang the meat again. [:( very sorry this is my notes and my way of tell you how to do.  Of course "steps" like this are never explained in the recipe, we have to use our eyes to know what the Chef is doing; that is why a group of close frens prefer to go for class so that we can actually see so hope my explanation suffice and PPL I really would appreciate if you could comment something so that it would give me the incentive to type more for you gals and guys].
  4. Put filling in the centre of the cut bean curd sheet. 
  5. Rub the starch solution at the side of the sheets then roll up tightly Use either a raffia or dumpling string to tie into small balls.  Tie it once only.
  6. Grease the steamer rack with some oil.
  7. Boil water in the steamer.
  8. Put the crab balls on the greased steamer.
  9. Steam for 15 minutes.  Remove & COOL Completely. At this stage, you can take how much you want to deep fry, then keep the rest in a tuppeware and refrigerate.
  10. Cut into individual balls & then deep fry till golden. 

                       1.  Tip - For a party, you can prepare and steam them.  Then cool completely, put in
                             tupperware and in the fridge and next day deep fry till golden brown.  Makes our work
                             much lesser.
                       2.  After learning in 2007, I tried this once on 25.4.2008, [yah, you guessed it, I think it is partly my training as a Litigation Secretary, I always document when I did, who loves it and most important if I made any slight chances, I make sure I note it down, I did not tie the knot tightly so mine did not come out exactly a round ball shape but it didnt really matter cos it was so damn good, no one, really noticed much except yours truly.  I only attempted once as, of course, it is a case of one leg kick all, if you get my drift!!!

             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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