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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fish Cakes

              Fragrant Oil

                  120 ml          Ground nut Oil
                      3               Shallots/small onions, slice
                      1"              Ginger, smash

               Method for Fragrant Oil

                      Fry the shallots & ginger in the hot oil.  Strain, cool it completely.

              Ingredients for fish paste

              600 gm             Ikan Tenggiri, nett weight after removal of skin & bones
               1/2 teasp          Ground white pepper
                  2 teasp          Salt
                  1 teasp          seasoning, opt
                  1 Tabsp        Castor sugar
               160 ml              Ice cold water
                 40 gm             Tapioca Flour, sieved
                  1/2                 Egg white, beaten

            Method for fish paste
  1. Wash fish then dry with paper kitchen towel.  Remove meat with the aid of a spoon.
  2. In a bowl put the meat, salt, sugar, white pepper powder, seasoning, opt & manually knead & mix, always going in one direction only.  Do not over knead.
  3. Mix sieved Tapioca flour with the ice cold water. Then add in the beaten egg white [rem to only use 1/2 an egg white only]
  4. Add tapioca flour water solution slowly into the fish mixture and mix in going round & lifting & banging into the bowl a couple of times & mix till it becomes guey & smooth [Most important Cannot over knead].  (A test for smoothness is squeeze a small ball of the mixture between your forefinger & thumb).
  5. Warm up 40 ml fragrant oil for 20 second [warm, it is easier to mix] add a drop of sesame oil if you want [do not add more sesame oil; a little goes a long way :) ].
  6. Add the slightly warm fragrant oil into the fish paste & mix.

                   (a)  You can add a little chilli padi & minced garlic.
                   (b)  You can add it into soup or it can be deep fried; for deep fried see steps below.

                                              Deep fried Fish Cake


              600 gm           Fish Paste
              400 gm           Wantan Skin
                  5                 Fresh Red Chilli
                  5 gm           Garlic
                  5 gm           Spring Onion

           Method for Deed Fried Fish Cake
  1. Cut wantan skin into round circles.
  2. Cut either WAX paper Or banana leaf & place them in bamboo basketS.  If using banana leaf grease the banana leaf slightly with oil for easy removal.
  3. Chop the garlic, red chilli & spring onion.
  4. Add it to the prepared Fish Paste.
  5. In the meantime boil water in a steamer.
  6. Put a ball of fish paste in the centre of each wantan skin.
  7. Place another wantan skin on top & then flatten it.
  8. Place them in the prepared bamboo baskets.
  9. Steam over for 3 minutes only.  Take them out & cool.
  10. Pat the top & bottom with a little tapioca flour & deep fry in medium hot oil for 1 minute.
  11. Remove and place on paper kitchen towels to drain excess oil.
           This may seem to be alot of work but it is worth the effort involved as first, when done yourself, there are no perservatives & it beats the hell of buying them.  All I can say is that whenever I make anything be it baking or cooking & even though I may have Baked or Cooked them many times, I never take it for granted that I can remember everything or the steps involved.  I always make it a point to Always read my recipe before I start in order to familarise myself :) Ophelia

             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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