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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Homemade Wasabi

                                       Homemade Wasabi


      150 gm            Coleman Mustard Powder, sieve
      1/2 teasp          Sugar
                              *freshly boiled Spinach/Bayam juice
                              Pinch of Salt
                              A few drops of Apple Green colour
       1 teasp            Oil [for smoothness]
       1/2 teasp         Icing Sugar
       1/4 teasp         Ground White Pepper powder [to enhance the Mustard taste]

  1. *To get the boiled Spinach/Bayam juice :-
             (a) Take a handful of Spinach/Bayam leaves only and liquidise with 120 ml water;
             (b) Take 2 small strainers and place it on top of each other and on top of a small pot [this way you
                   can make it more clearer, learnt this while watching my Chef at class.  Of course you
                   can use a muslin cloth but then it will stain the muslin] & strain the liquid directly into the
                   small pot;

    2.  Add the salt, pepper, icing sugar, oil in the same pot & bring it to a boil on low medium heat.  Stir it and once boiled, remove from fire. Let it cool for 3 minutes.

     3.  Gradually mix the mustard powder with your fingers to the [slightly cooled] juice till you get the consistency of a soft dough.  Add a few drops of the apple green colour and mix well.


                    1.  I tried this once before; quite good.
                    2.  Always use good mustard e.g. Coleman Mustard Double Superfine Mustard Powder.
                    3.  Put the homemade mustard in a air tight container; cling film it and can store in the
                         Chiller.  Please note that there are no perservatives so cant keep very long and
                         always use a clean dry spoon.

                 BLESSED AND HAPPY NEW YEAR readers. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


Wei-xun said...

Dear Ophelia,

You posted a comment on my blog some time ago, which I missed and only read recently. Just popping by here to say thanks for your encouragement! Just so you know, I'm back in good ol' Johor Bahru now and I did decently for my exams!

You've got a nice blog here and I'll be reading on to see whether there are any simple recipes I can try when I'm back in Melbourne. Also, it's nice to know that you're a fellow Christian. :)

May the Lord keep you and bless you this new year, and may you walk ever closer to him despite any hardships that come your way.

Best regards,

Ophelia said...

Dear Wei-xun thank you for your response and it is so fitting that it is on NYD as I feel that it is a great day to make new beginnings and new frens. Glad to hear you did decently in your exams. Thanks for visiting and do drop by again!!! God bless you girl and may our Lord hover over you always. Keeping you safe.