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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hors d'Oeuvre & Canapes

              I learnt this back in 2000 and are five topping and was something so simple for those of you who want to have a snack or have this for a gathering.  Ophelia

            (1)  Can of Tuna, remove the liquid
                   Freshly ground Black Pepper
                   Spring Onion
                   Chinese Parsley/Yin Sai

            (2)   Smoked Turkey Ham
                    Fresh/canned Peaches, drained/Honey Dew/Melon
                    English Parsley

            (3)   Roasted Chicken Breast         ]
                    Sour Cream                               ] Hawaiian
                    Paprika                                       ] Chicken
                    Canned Pineapples, drained  ]

                    You can either use Roasted Chicken Breast or boil the breast.  If the latter, cool the
                   chicken breast completely before adding the rest of the ingredients.

              (4)  Cheese                                   ]
                     Cherry Tomatoes                   ]
                     Basil                                      ]  Italian
                     Olive Oil                                ]   
                     Pinch of Salt                           ]
                     Freshly ground Black Pepper  ]

              (5)   ripe Avocado                         ]
                      Spring Onion                         ]
                      Lemon juice                           ]
                      Jalapeno                                 ]  Mexican
                      Garlic                                      ]
                      Red Tabasco                         ]
                      Pinch of Salt & Pepper        ]

                The base for the Canapes or Hors d'Ouevre can vary from biscuits to short pastry to bread :)

                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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