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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Melt in the mouth version of Tarts


                    Pineapple filling

                       6                 Big Pineapples
                   600 gm           Castor Sugar
                       1 teacup      Water

  1. Place a big siever on a pot & place grated pineapples until juice comes out.  [Do not squeeze the juice otherwise texture of jam not smooth.
  2. Put the water in a wok. Add the sugar, stirring all the while. When sugar has melted, add in the grated pineapples. Cook on medium low fire for half an hour or until pineapple is golden brown.  Cool completely.
                   Ingredient for Pastry

                  250 gm           Butter, Salted
                    50 gm           Icing Sugar, sieved
                   1/2 teasp        Vanilla
                   2 "A"              Eggs [1 "A" egg weighted without shell is
                                                   equivalent to 55 ml therefore 110 ml]
                  400 gm            All Purpose Flour/Tepung Gandung, sieved

                  For glazing/egg wash - 1 Egg yolk + 1/2 Tabsp Milk + Pinch of Salt

  1. Beat butter & sieved icing sugar with K Beater for a short while [Do not over beat].
  2. Add the egg yolks & Vanilla & continue to beat short while till mixture incorporates.
  3. Add in all the flour altogether & beat short while, making sure that the butter has been beaten & mixed well.
  4. Put in nestar mould & pump long strips.
  5. Take a pastry cutter & "thin" the strip by hitting it gently all the way down [this helps to thin the pastry] if you want to join to strips, put them in a line, use the pastry cuttery & hit it, all the way down.
  6. Add the pineapple filling & roll it.
  7. Egg wash the top of the tart.
  8. Bake in pre heated oven at 140 degrees Centigrade for 25 - 30 minutes till the top is golden brown and the bottom is slightly brown [everyone's oven is different so you should know how to gauge the time].
                          Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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