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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nyona Sambal Cincalok

                This is for all you babas and nyonyas out there as Cincalok is no stranger to you.  Dont be fooled by the Cincalok, not salty in this dish, read on.  When I attended this class, I was apprehensive when one of the side dishes on the schedule for that day was using Cincalok as knowing Cincalok, it would definitely be salty but boy was I glad I went for that class :) :) :) Ophelia

                                        Nyonya Sambal Cincalok


                    1 bottle    250 ml Cincalok
                  10               Shallots/small onions, slice
                  25               Chilli Padi, slice
                    5 pips       Garlic, dice

           "B" [*Seasoning]

                 5 Tabsp         Castor Sugar ["fine sugar"]
                 5 Tabsp         Juice of Big Green Limes/Limau Nipis
                 2 Tabsp         Fish Sauce
              1/2 Tabsp         Brown Sugar [brown sugar is not so sweet]

  1. Put "B" ie the *Seasoning into a small bowl and mix it well till combined and both sugar dissolved.
  2. Place a double siever [one on top of the other as sometimes the holes of the siever is large; again trick I learnt from the Chef and often use this technique :) :) :) aah here I go again, mixing humour with "business"] on top of a pot to balance the siever while it drains away the salty liquid
  3. Pour the Cincalok on the siever and let it drain.  Then use a spoon & press hard on the Cincalok in order to squeeze off as much liquid as possible.  Once drained put in a bowl.
  4. Then add the rest of "A" with the Cincalok.
  5. Pour "B" *Seasoning into "A". Mix everything well until combined.

                (a)  Sauce is very good and appertising and it goes well also with grill fish; will type this grill
                      fish soon;
                (b) After drain off the liquid & pressing hard to squeeze off more; it is not salty!!! And the
                      lime juice is to contra off any saltyness, if any;
               (c)  If you dont want it hot, tone down the chilli padi.
               (d)  I was quite apprehensive at first and just took a pinch and then bang it was so good, I took
                      more of it as I found the combi good;
               (e)  There were some students at our class who has never eaten Cincalok and they were quite
                      put off by the smell when the Chef opened the bottle.  Then being the "mother" that I am [a
                      persona I always adopt in my interaction with frens] I persuaded them to be like me just
                      taste a little, which they did and boy they came back "crying" for more and I caught a few of
                      them saying that they were definitely going back to make for their family :)

                        Enjoy till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


presa1200 said...

wow this looks like an authentic recipe for sambal cincalok, others don't use as many ingredients as this one. i'm gonna try this out

Ophelia said...

I do hope you will try this. God bless.

presa1200 said...

Thank God i tried out this recipe and it tasted so good, i don't know how to express my gratitude but i think you're generous enough to share this recipe with other people. now, i've learned how to get rid of the saltiness and btw if you're going to buy cincalok at the market, check the ingredients label and you should see something goes like "udang geragau, garam dan nasi", they added cooked rice for extra aroma and taste.

thanks again!

Ophelia said...

I am so glad you loved it & came back to post your comment. Thank you didn't know about the rice included in the Cincalok. God bless.

presa1200 said...

yeah i love fermented food like cincalok, chinese bean curd, kimchi, tempoyak, anything that is tangy and acquiring for taste (except cheese hehe). i think i'm committed to give my response because it's good, unlike other recipes this one is superb.

you're welcome and God bless too.