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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nyonya Steam Fish specially for Wei-xun

               Among my baking and cooking friends whom I meet at classes over the past 20 odd years and who subsequently became my very good and close friends, they have always said that I have this penchant for always trying to "mother" new "raw" students at class who are either inexperienced in baking or cooking or unfamiliar with the Chef's style, and my friends' perceptions is very true and I find myself always trying to help, very especially, the young adults who are either trying to fend for themselves or trying to feed their brood, so to speak.  It sorts of gives me alot of joy to do so.

               Ok now for the matter at hand.  Today my focus is specially for Wei-xun, "Welcome Wei-xun",  a young Christian adult and all young adults who are studying away from home and have to fend for themselves in every sense of the word; not to forget also the young outstation working adults, who are also away from home and to all of them, I say, I hope you find things in my blog to your taste buds and if you do try my dishes, I would appreciate it tremendously, if you would drop a comment at the relevant dish, to sort of encourge me to do more :) for nothing gives me more joy than reading your comments :) :) :) so that it would be like a two way traffic, use the recipes; come back for more and at the same time drop me some comments!!! Ok enuf of all time and just let me get down to business.

               This dish is not only tasty and easy to prepare BUT very healthy. Ophelia

            Nonya Steam Fish


           800 gm              Fish [Kurau or Siakap]

           [ALL the following has to be sliced finely and NOT blended]

               2                   Serai/Lemon Grass
               2                   Bunga Kantan
               5 pips            Garlic
              10                  Red Chilli Padi

             *Seasoning Sauce

               1 1/2             level Tabsp Sugar [cake measuring tablesp]
               6                  level Tabsp Light Soya Sauce [cake measuring tablesp]
               4                  Tabsp Water + 1 Tabsp Corn Flour mixed together
               2                  Tabsp juice from Limau Nipis/big green lime
               2                  Tabsp Tamarind/Assam Jawa mix with 1 1/2 Tabsp Water

  1. You can slice/dice the Lemon Grass/Serai, Bunga Kantan, Garlic & Red Chilli Padi then cling film and put in the fridge until you are ready to steam the fish in the evening.
  2. Mix all the ingredients for *seasoning in a small bowl.
  3. Wash fish, make 2 slits on each side of fish. Wipe fish dry with paper towel. Rub a little salt on fish and in the slits too.
  4. Boil water in a kuali or steamer.
  5. Place fish on a dish so that the sauce wont tribble down onto the water in the steamer :) Scatter the sliced lemon grass/serai, Bunga Kantan, Garlic & Red Chilli Padi on fish, even in the opening of the fish so as to aromatise the inside, pour the Seasoning Sauce over the fish.
  6. Place the fish in the kuali/steamer of boiling water and steam for 8 - 10 minutes.  Check after 8 minutes is up to see whether fish is cooked.  The trick is NOT to over cook the fish.
  7. Once fish is done, eat with hot rice and veg, which you have done simultaneously.

                     (a)  If you need to half the amount of the fish; make sure you halve the ingredients
                           for serai etc and the ingredient for the sauce too!!!

                     (b)  This is a recipe for keeps as it is simple to prepare and at the same time tasty and
                            healthy too!!!

                 Enjoy and till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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