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Friday, January 14, 2011

Salt Fish with Brinjals, non halal

               Another appetising dish from my vast collection of same.  This is a yummilicious dish.  I would suggest you make this dish in the morning for dinner. Then warm it up just before dinner by then all the gorgeous flavours would have infused the meat & brinjals.  I will rate as as 12/10.  When I went for my class, the beautiful aroma floating around the room smelt like heaven to us.  This dish is for keeps.  Enjoy.  As a side note, if you were to ask me, which would I prefer, the Nonya Brinjals which I typed earlier and this. Personally, I would say hands down that the Nonya Brinjals would play second fiddle to this as the smell of this alone can "kill" in a nice sense and then again not to mention the taste :) :) :)  For me, eating this dish, it would seem for a few suspended moments like heaven on earth!!!  Ophelia.

                                       Salt Fish with Brinjals


          30 gm          Tanau Salted fish
        200 gm          Brinjals, wash, sliced & soak in water


             5                Dried Chillie
             3                slices Ginger
            2 sprigs     Spring Onion
        150 gm           Belly pork
          50 gm           Carrots


          1 Tabsp           Oyster Sauce [level tabsp]
          1 teasp             Castor Sugar
          1 1/2 Tabsp     Light Soya Sauce
          1 teasp             Sesame Oil
          1 Tabsp            Black Soya Sauce
          1/2 cup             Water
          1 teasp              Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock
          2 Tabsp            Shao Shing Wine

           Prep work

               (a)    Soak Tanau Salted Fish for 20 minutes.  Wash & dry.  Put 2 tabsp of oil in a small pan and pan fry till golden.

               (b)    Dried Chillies. Just wash the dried chillies.  Cut into two, Do Not remove the seeds.  We were told by our Chef that dried chillies that are straight are Not so hot; the curly ones are hot.

              (c)   Marinade the cut belly pork with some corn flour and a dash of Light Soya Sauce.

  1. Heat 2 Tabsp oil in a pot for about 3 minutes [Point is oil must Not be too hot] add in "B" & stir fry till fragrant.
  2. Add in "C" & bring it to a boil uncovered.  Add in the brinjals & salt fish then cover pot.
  3. After 3 minutes open the lid & give it a stir.  Cover the lid again and cook till brinjals soft.  Once brinjals soft, add in the spring onions give it a stir.
  4. Off the fire & Do not open the lid until you need to warm it up for dinner. :) Enjoy the aroma and taste.
                 Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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