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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seafood Taufu

          I learnt this way back in 2006 and very happy that I went for the class as, indeed, it is in a class of its own.  It may involved a litttttttle bit of work :) but I promise you that you will find that it was worth all the time and effort and it may even accord you celebrity status like how I was accorded same when I brought these to our BEC prayer pot luck meeting :) :) :) in an instant I felt like a film star!!! Ok Ophelia enuf of all that and get down to business.  :( sorry folks I have always been one who loves to add humour in most instances :) :) :)

                                                    Seafood Taufu

               4                    Japanese egg taufu [4 packets like a sausage roll]
           500 gm              Prawns
           300 gm              white Sotong
           250 gm              Ikan Tenggiri [remove skin & bones]

                4 Tabsp       Tapioca Flour, sieved


          3/4 teasp           Salt
          1 teasp              Castor Sugar
          1 teasp              Ground white pepper powder
          1 teasp              Maggi Concentrate Chicken stock


                  All measuring spoons are cake measuring spoons.

          1.  Cut a white plastic sheet to fit the base of a 7" square cake tin.
          2.  Grease the base and sides of the cake tin lightly with cooking oil.
          3.  Place the plastic sheet on the base of the cake tin.  Grease the plastic sheet lightly [this is to
               enable the seafood taufu to come out easily.
          4.  Wash the prawns, sotong/cuttlefish & fish & dry well with paper towel.
          5.   Blend the *taufu till smooth, remove to bowl.
          6.  Blend the prawns, sotong/cuttlefish & fish short while till it homogenize, [do not over blend
               same just till it is guey like how you would make meat balls].
          7.  Add the *blended taufu & the 4 Tablesp of sieved cornflour to No.6 above & mix it manually
               short while till combined with a wooden spoon.
          8.  Pour mixture into the prepared cake tin & put in the steamer & steam it on low medium fire for
               approximately 15 minutes [the fire is low medium because if the fire is high, the level of the
               seafeed taufu will NOT be level.  Tip curtesy of the Chef we learnt from and which I am
              passing to you.
         9.  Open the cover of the steamer quickly and try not to let the water on the lid fall onto the seafood
              taufu & let it COOL Completely.
        10.  Cut it into long stripes.  Then slice it at a 45 degrees angle [as there is quite alot, take what you
               want to fry and keep the rest in an air tight container & refrigerate it].
        11.  Coat the slices that you have cut and want to fry in som tapioca flour & leave it for 15
               minutes to let the tapioca flour be absorbed so that after frying you wont see any tapioca flour 
               sticking to the top.
        12.  Deep fry in kuali till golden brown.  Remove with a slotted spoon and place it on kitchen paper
                towels to drain off excess oil.
         13.  Eat with homemade chilli sauce is best.  For Chilli Sauce recipe see my Prawn Fritter's recipe.

                  Enjoy  :) Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


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