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Monday, January 17, 2011


                Glutinous Rice Layer

                300 gm            Glutinous rice
                200 ml             "Thin" Coconut milk [Mix 50 ml Santan + 150 ml water]
                    1 teasp        Fine Salt
                    1                   Pandan leaf, tied into a knot

                Custard layer

                    8                   Large Pandan leaves, cut into 1 cm lengths
                  80 ml              Water
                   3                    Medium eggs
                150 ml              Santan
                150 gm            Castor Sugar
                    1 Tabsp      Corn Flour
                    1 Tabsp      All Purpose Flour/Tepung Gandung


          1. Wash the Glutinous rice in several changes of water till water tuns clear. 
          2. Cover rice with water & set aside to soak overnight.  After soaking time, rinse & drain rice.
          3. Place the glutinous in a shallow, round cake tin [20 cm across].  Mix the salt and 200 ml "thin" coconut milk & pour this to the glutinous rice.
          4. Bury the knotted & shredded pandan leaf [you shred the pandan leaf, dont shred till the very end of both ends as otherwise you cant knot it :), then knot it as then more aroma is released when shredded :) ] in the glutinous rice & steam it over rapidly boiling water for 20 - 30 minutes until the glutinous rice is cooked ie the grains will no longer have any opaque bits.
          5. Remove pandan leaves & fluff rice with a fork.   Straight away while it is hot, use a folded square of banana leaf [more fragrant] or aluminium foil, press te rice down into the same tin that you steamed it in, in order to form an even, compact layer.  Steam the glutinous rice Again for another 15 minutes.
          6. While the rice is steaming, make the custard layer.  Whiz pandan and water in a blender until fine.  Srain, squeezing the pulp to extract juice.  Double sieve same ie put 2 small hole sieves on top of each other so that you get a cleaner extract.
          7. In a mixing bowl, combine the eggs, 150 ml Santan & sugar together, stirring with a whisk manually gently as you Do Not Want the egg mixture to be Foamy otherwise after steaming you will find small holes.  ADD  the Strained pandan juice, corn flour and plain flour and stir well until mixture is Smooth & free from lumps.
          8. Strain mixture into a metal bowl [use a double boiler if you have] & sit this bowl over a pan of Gentle [ie fire not high] simmering water & STIRRING CONTINUOUSLY  until custard just begins to thicken [to check whether custard is ready use a metal spoon & dip into the custard. Lift spoon up & use your finger to "draw" a line at the back of the spoon.  If there is a smooth, continuous line custard is ready.  This process of cooking the custard is quite fast.
          9. Once the 15 minutes of steaming the glutinous rice is up, pour the custard over the rice & steam over a medium low fire until set about 25 minutes. COOL completely before cutting. If your fire is high, the surface of the Serimuka will not be level; it would be like valley & ridges.

                                (a)  This is good.
                                (b)  Measure everything first, be careful dont mix up the ingredients for the glutinous rice layer and the custard layer.  When measuring, separate the glutinous rice from the custard layers as at times when we are rushing, it is very easy for us to mix things up:)
                                  (c)  It would also be a good idea, after you have measured everything, blend the pandan leaves with the water, sieve same into a small jug [*see my notes about the double sieve above] cling film & put it among the ingredients for the custard layer.
                                  (d)  Timing is crucial here :)

                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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