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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A simple but yummy Malaysian salad

                          This is my good fren's recipe.  She always makes this for our BEC gatherring and we never ever get bored with it.  We absolutely love it.  Thank you Val for this lovely salad dish. As it's hers sorry there is no measurements as coming from an "old school" background, everything is just agak agak, ok.  Just give you the basics.


         Fresh red chillis
         Some red chilli padi
         Juice from Limau Kasturi
         Handful of Dried Prawns
         A little sugar             - this is my improvision
         1 Tabsp Fish sauce   - this my improvision too :)


        A little of this & a little of that ppl  : )  Lettuce, Japanese cucumber, big onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Daun Kesom, mint leaves, full boiled eggs, fish balls.

  1. Wash dried prawns, soak in hot water, blend finely then fry with a little bit of oil short while till aromatic.
  2. Pound the fresh red chillies & chilli padi. Mix with the fried dried prawns and limau kasturi juice.  Check for taste.
  3. Then mix with "B". 
                  A point to take note off :- Only mix "A" & "B" together when you want to eat same as alot of water will ooze out and you want them the veg to be crisp :)

                   Enjoy till my next post, Ophelia

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