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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marinated Fruits with Mango Sauce

                This was one recipe I learnt more than 10 years ago and it is still fresh in my mind.  Ppl always say for something to linger  that long in your mind, it must have been good and personally, I was very happy to learn this as I am crazy when it comes to fruits and the riot of colours coming from the assortment of fruits is a sight for sore eyes and the aroma and flavour from the Passion Fruits and the imported Basil leaves, aaah leaves much to be desired.  I remember on my last trip to Australia, I brought home some Passion Fruits with this very recipe in mind.  I know I can get Passion Fruit in some of the big Supermarket here but somehow the thought of bringing back some fresh from Australia just excites me and then again we can find local Passion Fruits here in Malaysia but the full impact of its aroma & acidity cannot be compared to imported Passion Fruit I bought here nor the ones I brought back from Australia.

                 This recipe is specially for Esther and for those of you who live overseas where there is an abundance of these fruits and with the adundance the fruits, it definitely would not cost an arm and a leg there and I would urge you to give try this recipe for an ultimate dessert with fruits topped with whipped cream, mango puree & Vanilla sauce :) Ophelia

These are local Passion Fruits grown locally in Malaysia but personally I find that to compare same with those that I bought from Australia, the local ones loose out as the full impact of its aroma and acidity is not as powerful.  Just as a point of interest, the ones from Australia, the skin are pitch black.

Use a spoon to scope the yellow pulp and the seeds, the seeds are edible and are more often than not, used to decorate the Cream Cheese frosting

           Step 1 do the Vanilla Sauce first

           Ingredients for *Vanilla Sauce

           100 gm           Fresh Cream
              20 gm          Castor Sugar
              *70 ml          Low Fat/UHT Milk
              1/2 teasp      Vanilla [If you add Vanilla Pod, it would definitely enhance the taste]

              10 gm           Custard Powder [Do Not use Instant Custard]
              30 ml            Low Fat/UHT Milk   

                Method for *Vanilla Sauce

                (a)  Put the Custard Powder & 30 ml Low Fat/UHT Milk in a small bowl & mix to combine
                      [hereinafter referred to as "Custard Powder mixture"].

                (b)  Put the Fresh Cream, Castor Sugar & *70 ml Low Fat/UHT Milk in a small pot & bring it to
                       a boil on medium low heat.

                 (c)  Stir the Custard Powder mixture then add it to the (b) above & keep on stirring, on
                        medium low heat, with a whisk till thick making sure there are no lumps.  Remove
                        from fire then add in 1/2 teasp Vanilla essence, stir.
           Step 2
           Ingredients for Marinated Fruits with Mango Sauce

           150 gm              Strawberries
               3                    Peaches
               1                    Dragon Fruit
               3                    Golden Kiwi
               2                    Passion Fruit
               1 Tabsp         Fresh Basil leaves
               1 Tabsp         Balsamic Vinegar
               2 Tabsp         Honey or to taste
           200 gm              net weight of Mango Puree
           100 gm              Vanilla Sauce
           150 ml               ^Whipping Cream [see my notes at the bottom on this]

           Method for Step 2
  1. Wash, towel dry the fruits except for the Mangoes, & cut.  Put the cut fruits in a large bowl. Marinate the fruites with honey, basil & Balsamic Vinegar.  Cling film & refrigerate.
  2. Puree the mangoes & then mix it into the *Vanilla Sauce.
  3. Whip up the Whipping Cream till stiff peak.
  4. Place the marinated fruits into small individual bowls, drizzle with the Mango Sauce & Whipped Cream.
                 In respect of the ^Whipping Cream and examples of ^Whipping Cream are brands like Anchor Whipping Cream, Shani, Emborg.

                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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