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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mee Yoke, Non Halal

                  Wao writing about this, brings me down the road where I meet so many, like me, who wanted to learn everything and I really mean everything possible in the field of BAKING and Cooking, and who subsequently through the passage of time became my very good and close friendsFriends who even went an extra mile.  I have one very good and close friend and before the festivities of Christmas and CNY she will make a bee line to a shop that was way too far my radar and buy alot of stuff there, things like green pea which she knows that I want also.  She not only buys the stuff for me, without the need for me to ask her to process it for me, she will process for me really fine like ground almonds and then pass it to meThank you Rosie, I really do love you so much.

                   Sorry for digressing but I find that somethings it is good to inject a little story/info to give a breath of "fresh air".  Many of us love eating Mee Yoke at open street stall and we will be sweating in the hot blistering sun either to eat there or tau pau.  Now I teach you how to make it yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen together with the sambal to go along with it.  So let's get on with it.

               Step 1
               Chill Sambal

               300 gm                 Chilli Boh
                 30 gm                  Belacan, untoasted
                 80 gm                  Shallots/small onions
                    5 Tabsp            Oil

               Do this step first. Blend the shallots and belacan then mix to the Chilli Boh.  Heat 5 Tabsp oil in wok & fry till fragrant about 10 minutes.  Cool it completely.  Do not add any salt or sugar as it will then spoil the flavour of the soup.  Presumably this sambal cannot be kept in the fridge too long as it does not have any preservatives.


               500 gm                 Yin Kuat
               350 gm                  Prawn shell & head
                                               Buy 1 kg prawns to get the *prawn
                                               meat & the required shell


               100 gm                      Rock Sugar
                   1 Tabsp                 Salt


                                                Yellow mee
                                                 Mee Hoon
                                                 Taugeh/Bean Sprout
                                                 Kang Kung
                300 gm                      *Prawn meat
                300 gm                      Yoke Ngan/Far Yoke, whole
                350 gm                      Prawn shell & head
                    6 litres                    Water
                    1 cup                      Oil

  1. Heat 1 Tabsp oil in a wok & fry 1/2 Tabsp of the prepared Chilli Boh & the 300 gm prawn meat for a Short While till prawn meat is Cooked.  Remove the prawns only onto bowl.  The *liquid put this in the stork [this gives the stock some more Colour & Sweetness.
  2. Fry the prawn shell & head with 1 cup oil till crispy & red.  Remove from fire & divide into two.
  3. Take 1 portion of the fried prawn shell & put in a #liquidiser & pour just enough water to cover the shells & liquidise.  Remove & set aside.
  4. Bring the 6 litres of water, the remaining portion of fried prawn shells [put in a muslin cloth], the *prawn liquid from No.1 above, the #liquidised prawn shell solution from No.3 above, the 500 gm Yin Kuat, 300 gm Yoke Ngan/Far Yoke & bring it to a boil.
  5. Once the stock has come to a boil, lower down the fire to medium low & simmer for 30 minutes. Then remove the ribs, yoke ngan/far yoke, slice the yoke ngan & prawn shell & add in "B" & simmer on medium low fire for another 10 - 15 minutes.  Most important, this stock CANNOT be boiled for more than 45 minutes as then your soup will be cloudy & You should Never use Chicken Bones for this stock  When doing the stock start with high heat then lower to medium when simmering.  The veg and mee of course you blanch.  You would thank me after doing this as this is a keeper too and for this, I have to thank the Chef profusely :).
                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


elaine said...

sounds so so yummy

Ophelia said...

Hi Elaine, welcome. You must try this, read the recipe, not diff. I think, after uploading, you might be confused slightly on the prawn as I hv indicated 350 gm prawns shells and head in "A" as well as "C" sorry :(. IN TOTAL buy 1 kg prawns and you would get approximately 300 gm prawn meat & 350 gm prawn shells and head. Hope you did try to make my Dried Prawn Sambal and if you did would appreciate your comment on the relevant recipe. Love the interaction here with you. God bless.

elaine said...

Hi there. My domestic helper just left last weekend. I am still kelam kabut :-) with housework, drivin kids to school and all and also working part time.

once i settle into some kind of routine....i will definitely try this 2 recipes

really wish i can bake those lovely cakes like you. looks like i will hv to order them one day.

a relative of mine in USA is drooling over all the cake pics of yrs. she swa them on my fb wall. i hope you dont mind that i hv forward yr blog address to her. she wants to try some of yr wonderful recipes...says she.

God bless you too.

Ophelia said...

Elaine I take so much Pride in my cakes and Always follow them rigidly and reason why so many of my customers and frens buy repeat orders is when recipe calls for chocolates, I use imported bitter sweet chocolates from Belgium, diff kinds of liqueur that matches the cake eg Kahlua with Tiramisu, Rum with Banana etc also of course when the cake "calls" for liqueur. Do give me 7 days notice when you want to order though :) for me to juggle my time buying the ingredients etc etc and for me to block out the date :)