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Friday, February 25, 2011

Salt Fish Pickle

                      A lot of us love to eat Salt Fish Pickle as it is very appertising, sometimes when no one is coming back for dinner and I feel lazy just to cook for myself, which I am sure is a feeling most wives feel :) I just fry a "runny" sunny side up egg as I love the yolk to be runny and not firm :) and just eat the egg with this acar and hot rice and I feel satisfied with just these two as they do jell together. This is something very easy to prepare.  The trick here is not to eat on the day you made it as the flavour will only infuse after a day or so.

                      Made this Salt Fish Pickle again.  I made a slight modification & increased the water.  I used 114 ml water + 34 gm Assam Jawa as I wanted it to have slightly more liquid when cooking same.  I also measured the Assam Jawa to 34 gm.


             300 gm          Salt Fish/Tanau Ikan Masin
               10                Dry Chillies
                2"               Ginger
           1 1/2"             Fresh Kunyit
                 6 pips        Garlic
              10                 Shallots/small Onion
            114 ml            Water                                             ) mix water & Assam
               34 gm           Assam  Jawa                                 ) Jawa together
                5                  Green Chilli
                2 teasp       Jintan Manis
                2 teasp       Jintan Putih
                1 teasp       Mustard Seeds
                4 Tabsp     Sugar
                1/4 cup       Vinegar
                1/4 cup        Oil


                      All measuring cups and spoons are cake measuring cup & spoons.
  1. Wash, drain, dry & fry sliced Ikan Masin.
  2. Blend dried chillies, ginger, kunyit, garlic, shallots, jintan manis & jintan putih.
  3. Heat 1/4 cup oil in wok then fry the mustard seeds short while as soon as you see them popping about, add in the ground ingredients & fry till fragrant. [Mustard seeds burns easily]
  4. Add in the Green Chillies, sugar, assam water & vinegar & bring it to a boil.  Then simmer for 15 minutes.
  5. Switch off fire & stir in the pre fried Salt Fish/Ikan Masin gently [as easy to break].
  6. Cool completely then store it in air tight bottle & refrigerate same.

                                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


ilene said...

Can take order or not? My favourite! My brother used to get for me from this Portugese guy in Malacca but he has since moved and we don't have his new address. His salt fish sambal is simply awesome!! Just thinking about it is making me drool .....

Ophelia said...

Sorry Ilene didnt see your comment until now. Can no prob :)