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Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 Flavoured Kuih

                  I have neglected somewhat on uploading kuih.  Made it only once 3 years after learning it and luckily also it jadi/succeeded thanks to diligently writing my notes during the class as sometimes recipes are brief and if we do not write what we observe, a few years down the line when we want to make it, we will be lost in the Sahara Dessert!!! This one here requires perfect timing and I would advise you, whenever you want to attempt something esp something new, it is always a good thing to remember the recipe many times in order to familiarise yourself with the various steps.  Sometimes when I look at the given recipe, I find that the steps given are not in tune and straight away after class and as it is still very fresh in my mind, I will come back & retype the recipe, reorganising the steps in sequence as somethings things needed to be prep first and I always like to put it on top so that I will have a smooth, bumpless ride when doing it and even though I may have made a cake 30, 40 times, I still read the recipe to familarise myself again with the various steps especially if it is a cake order, as I never take things for granted as I might forget taking into consideration my age.

                                                  3 Flavoured Kuih


            600 gm               Tapioca/Ubi Kayu, net weight, grated
            200 gm               Sugar
                2 Tabsp          Corn Flour, sieved
           200 ml                  Santan
           200 ml                  Water
                                        Yellow colouring


            300 gm                 Sago
            200 gm                 Sugar
            125 ml                  Santan
            125 ml                  Water
                2 Tabsp             Pandan Juice
                                         Green Colour


             300 gm                 Sweet Potato [Orange variety]
             200 gm                 Sugar
             150 gm                 Tapioca Flour, sieved
             250 ml                  Santan


                Boil water in a steamer large enough to contain your 10" x 10" x 3" square tin.
                Grease the square tin lightly with a little cooking oil :)
  1. Steam the *Sweet Potato.  Remove skin while it is quite hot as easier to come out.
  2. Soak Sago with water [water is half an inch above the Sago] for 10 minutes.  Drain on siever.
  3. Put grated Tapioca, Sugar, Corn Flour, Santan, Water & adequate yellow colour in a container & mix.  Pour into a 10" x 10" x 3" square tin & steam for 15 minutes.
  4. Put 125 ml Santan, 125 ml water, Sugar, Pandan Juice & green colour in a small pot.  Put drained Sago, stir to incorporate everything then boil on medium heat [if fire too big, the Santan will "curdle" and then you will have biji biji] & keep on stirring all the while [IMPORTANT CANNOT OVER COOK THIS IT SETS AND YOU CANNOT POUR] Once the Tapioca mixture i.e. No.3 above is steamed, pour this hot Sago mixture on top & steam for 15 minutes on Medium fire [when your fire is too big, the level of this kuih will be like valley & hill and not level] [AND TIMING IS VERY IMPORTANT IN EACH STEAMING STAGE].
  5. Blend the *Sweet Potato, Sugar, Tapioca Flour & Santan.  Once the 15 minutes is up in respect of No.4 pour this blended SWEET POTATO mixture over No.4 & steam again for 15 minutes.
  6. Once it has been done remove from Steamer & let it set probably 3 - 4 hours before cutting.  Enjoy.
                 Another point to take note is that whenever you lift the cover of the steamer, lift it up quickly so that the water on the cover DO NOT DROP onto your kuih & "spoil" the surface, then BEFORE Putting Cover on Steamer again, WIPE COVER DRY.  Sorry very fussy as for me, walking the extra mile is very crucial for Presentation purposes.  Do not be afraid by all my dos and donts, they are just to guide you and not frighten you off from doing this as it is quite pretty with so many interplay of colours, the yellow from the tapioca layer, the green from the sago layer and finally the orange from the sweet potato layer. 

                   Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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