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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ayam Percik

                I learnt 2 versions of the Ayam Percik from 2 different Chefs, so when I went for the 3rd version of this Ayam Percik, which was part of a set of 3 other dishes, from a third Chef, I went with no expectation about this dish, more for the other 2 dishes, but I was pleasantly surprised, as the sauce was quite good and method was quite simplified.  You may be wondering why since I have learnt two others, aside for the fact that I went more for the other 2 dishes of the 3rd Chef, why go for the same dish?  To be frank, our usual group of close friends, are always searching for the ultimate, even if it is the same dish and it was another way that we could be together; having fun and learning at the same time as everyone these days lead such hectic lifestyle esp if we are still working and there is not much time really to a good time with friends of the same mind set and it is good once in a while when we can take time off from our heavy schedule of home and office and make time for our friends when we can just, figuratively speak, let our hair down and have a ball without our spouses in tow or vice versa as I have met 4 men who also love learning and are fantastic bakers and cooks themselves!!!  3 cheers to your guys, you know who you are and it was an Honour and a Privilege meeting you all those years ago.

                  Ingredients for Ayam Percik

                        5                  whole Chicken legs
                        5 Tabsp      Oil
                   200 ml               Santan
                   200 ml               Water
                       3 Tabsp +-   Sugar
                        1 teasp         Salt

                      Blend the following

                      150 gm            Shallots/small onions
                        75 gm            Garlic
                          5                   Chilli Padi
                          1"                 thick piece Lengkuas
                          3 stalks        Lemon Grass/Serai
                         1/2 inch         Fresh Kunyit
                           2                   Buah Keras

                            1 Tabsp      Ketumbar powder
                            1 Tabsp      Kurma Powder
                            3 Tabsp      Chilli Boh

  1. As the Lengkuas, Serai, Fresh Kunyit & Buah Keras are hard, it would be good if you could pound them first.  Then blend the pounded ingredients together with the shallots, garlic & chilli padi and blend all these till very fine. Remove.
  2. Mix the blended ingredients with the Ketumbar powder, Kurma powder & Chilli Boh.
  3. Slit a little in the centre of Chicken leg then pull it straight in order to loosen muscles :) Put chicken in the Fridge.
  4. Heat the oil mentioned above & fry No.2 on Medium Low Fire stirring till fragrant & oil separates.  Add in sugar [start off with 1 Tabsp as some of you, Ilene this is with you in mind :) may want it spicer and May do Away with Sugar completely, the choice is yours] & salt, stir. 
  5. Add in the water & santan & bring it to a boil.  Check for Taste; topping salt & sugar if necessary.  COOL THIS COMPLETELY BEFORE ADDING ON CHICKEN.
  6. Put chicken in a tupperware/container.  Add the rempah on the chicken & mix it well, cover with lid or seal it with cling wrap & let it marinade in the Fridge for 4 hours.  If you are Rajin, it would be good after 2 hours to take them out, give them another good mix & refrigerate for the remaining 2 hours.
  7. Remove chicken from fridge & THAW it for 25 minutes.
  8. PREHEAT oven at 200 degrees celcius for 20 minutes.
  9. Place a foil [makes cleaning up a breeze!!!] on a tray & place the thawed marinaded chicken & bake in the preheated oven +- 10 - 15 minutes on Each side & then grill for perhaps 3 - 5 minutes to get a charred effect and as everyone's oven temp is not the same as mine, the timing and temperature I leave it to you to figure out as the above is Just a guide as primarily, you got to know your own oven :) and you have to baste the chicken too with some oil or a little of the let over marinade.
                       Just a tip in case you have not come across this in one of my post.  The shinny part of a foil is to Retain heat and the matt surface is to reflect heat, this is what we have been told and which I follow in my Baking advertures very esp when you notice that your cake, when your cake would be baked in 10 minutes and is a little bit too brown for your liking, just plonk the shinny surface of the foil on top of the cake; that is what I do, hope this helps.  Haha, all this talk about "plonk" is the lingo of my children and I must have picked it up.  God bless you all who drop by.

                         Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.


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