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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


                   Cendol is best drunk cold from the fridge and these days the cendol that one buys from street stalls are, somehow, not the same as back in our youth.  Most Malays love drinking this especially during the Puasa month after a long hard day fasting, it is simply delicious to drink this to break fast although it is not just the Malays who love drinking Cendol; alot of Non Muslim are also "addicted" to it.

                    We start off by making the Gula Melaka Syrup & the Coconut milk extract.

              Ingredients for the Gula Melaka Syrup

              600 gm              Palm Sugar [the best is from Malacca]
                90 gm              Brown Sugar
                50 gm              Molasses
               1/4 teasp           Fine Salt
              250 ml                Water
                  6                    Pandan leaves

              Method for Syrup
  1. Wash the Pandan Leaves. Shred each Pandan leaf into a few vertical "lines" but not entirely to both ends & then knot it.  Shredding it into many pieces enables it to release more aroma during cooking.
  2. Combine all the above ingredients in a heavy base saucepan. Bring it to boil over low medium heat for 30 minutes.
  3. Strain & set aside.

                  Ingredient for Coconut milk extract

                  500 ml             UHT coconut milk extract [from a cartoon]
                  250 ml             Cooled boiled Water
                    1/2 teasp        Salt

                            Combine the UHT coconut milk extract, water & salt.

                  Ingredients for Cendol

                     30               Pandan leaves, cut into small pieces
                  550 ml           Water [cooled boiled water]
                    1/4 teasp       Fine Salt
                  120 ml             Fresh Santan

                       1 teasp        Alkaline Water
                  170 gm             Tepung Hoen Kwe [which is green colour]
                    60 gm              Green Pea Flour
                   375 ml              Second extract of Pandan juice.


          In the method below you will need:-

                   (a)  a hand whisk;
                   (b)  a wooden rolling pin;
                   (c)  a mould to press out the Cendol;
                   (d)  a Big Basin of ICE COLD WATER & put ice cubes in the water.

                   Method for Cendol
  1. Blend the cut pandan leaves with 550 ml water [which has been boiled & cooled completely] in a processor until fine pulp & strain twice to get a clear pandan juice [a tip which I saw the Chef doing was straining this liquid over 2 sievers with very small holes [putting 2 sievers enable you to get a purer pandan juice.  Do this step twice]  Pour into a BIG POT & set aside. This is the 550 ml first Pandan Juice extract.
  2. Use the same pandan leaves pulp in No.1 here & mix with 375 ml Water [follow the same procedure as No.1 ie over 2 sievers .....] Pour into Another bowl & set aside.  This is the 375 ml Second extract of Pandan juice.
  3. Mix the Green Pea Powder with the 375 ml Second extract of Pandan Juice & mix it with a whisk.  When this mixture is smoothly incorporated add in the Alkaline water & mix with the whisk.  Strain this & then cover it with a cling film & set it aside for 30 minutes [in order to get rid of the smell & also to break down the flour.
  4. Pour the Green Pea mixture into the 550 ml first Pandan Juice extract which is in a big pot.  Stir with a wooden spoon until combined.  Place over medium heat stirring with a Hand Whisk CONTINUOUSLY until mixture thickens THEN Reduce heat & now stir with a WOODEN ROLLING PIN instead of a hand whisk as the mixture is thicker & very hard to use a hand whisk. Continue to stir with the Wooden rolling pin Until Mixture Becomes Translucent.  REMOVE from fire.
  5. Fill this mixture into a mould & press out mixture into a Basin of ICE COLD WATER.
  6. Drain cendol completely, Chill until ready to eat.


                       (i)  Alkaline water is used to make the colour stay & to make the Cendol bouncy;
                       (ii)  No regrets learning this as very delicious;
                      (iii)  The Gula Melaka Syrup - You should really use
                             good Palm Sugar from Malacca & what the Chef used
                             is 4 cylinderal palm sugars in a packet.  I have some
                             in my fridge but dare not upload picture of same as earlier
                             when I uploaded the picture of Molasses in another
                             post as I was afraid visitors visiting my blog may not know
                             what Molasses is, my picture of the Molasses which was of
                             course in its original container, some dept cited that picture
                             of the Molasses for copy right.  I had no idea of same
                             I was just genuninely trying to show what Molasses was
                             when I uploaded my recipe for my Mini Coconut buns
                            and when I saw that, I quickly deleted the picture 1 day
                            after I uploaded the recipe when I saw the copy right
                            stuff.  I meant NO Offence only to show ppl what Molasses
                            was and I was so upset after that, I contemplated deleting
                             my blog.  It is so sad when No Malice was intended on my
                             part; just PLAIN Naive.  Still thinking of deleting blog ...

            Sorry for this swing into a morose state as, aside from my immediate family and of course I have made copies for my children, for the past 20 odd years my whole world REVOLVED on my PASSION for BAKING & Cooking and I wanted to teach others so that all these recipes Would NOT DIE with me when I die as I really believe that my CALL from God is to impart what little knowledge I have.  It is sort of my legacy to whoever wants to learn from my blog and I am real sorry for being morose here and I think, it must be the lack of estrogen.

               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


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