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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chicken with a Ginger & Spring Onion dressing

                Wao this is good.  Don't be fooled by the salt in the boiling ingredients. It is not too salty and the Ginger & Spring Onion dressing is very good.  A point to note is that the chicken should be slightly "bloody" like the Pak Chiam Kai otherwise over cooked. Let's start off doing the Ginger & Spring Onion Dressing so that everything is ready to eat immediately after doing your chicken. Ophelia

             Ingredients for Ginger & Spring Onion dressing
             225 gm                     Young Ginger
               75 gm                      Spring Onion
              1/4 tsp                       White Pepper
              1/4 teasp                    Fine Salt
                 1 Tabsp                   Castor Sugar

                      Blend the young ginger & spring onion finely.  Then mix the rest of (a). Then do (b) & immediately pour the Garlic oil onto the ginger & spring onion dressing.

                 3 Tabsp                   *Garlic Oil

                             Mince 5 pip garlic.  Heat 3 Tabsp oil in wok & fry the minced Garlic.  Then immediately pour onto the ginger & spring onion dressing.



                 10                      whole Chicken legs

              Boiling Ingredients

              4500 ml                  Water
                    1 Tabsp             V'sin [ :( sorry that's what the Chef added and when I did this once
                                                            long ago I added V'sin too as I justify to myself that I hardly
                                                            use it and daren't do without it here]
               1 1/2 Tabsp            White Peppercorns
               115 ml                     Fish Sauce [brand is "Han River Valley Fish Sauce" from China]
                   4 slices                Tong Kuai
               100 gm                    Fine Salt
                 80 ml                     Shao Hsing Wine

                Method for Chicken
  1. Boil some water [this water is Not part of the 4500 ml water mentioned in the boiling ingredients] then blanch the Chicken legs short while in the hot water to get rid of scum. IT IS IMPERATIVE that you do not "over boil" here; just in very short while then out as otherwise the chicken in the end will be over cooked.  [Time yourself & do Step 1 and Step 2 simultaneously so that you can straight away remove the chicken from the first pot & place in the 2nd pot containing the Boiling Ingredients AND WHICH HAS BEEN BOILING FOR 20 MINUTES.
  2. Combine all Boiling Ingredients & boil it for 20 Minutes.  OFF FIRE, PLACE THE CHICKEN, COVER THE LID FOR 15 MINUTES. 
  3. Take out & cut to small pieces.  Serve with the Ginger & Spring Onion dressing.
                       Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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