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Monday, March 7, 2011

Crab Fish Porridge

                      Many wives/mothers love cooking Yat Wok Sok/One Pot meal and this one pot meal is good for those lazy, lazy Sunday when you have so many house chores and not to forget, watching our fav TV programmes.  This is a very lovely porridge that a wonderful Chef taught us. 

               Ingredients for Chicken Stock

                   2                    Chicken Carcass
                   2 litres           Water
                                           Dash of Salt & Pepper

                          Boil the water first when Boiling add the Chicken Carcass, salt & pepper & simmer for 1 hour. skimming the surface for scum/impurities.  Strain & cool.


                 3 cups           Cooked Rice, preferably overnite rice


                    6 cups         Chicken Stock
                    1 teasp        Finely grounded Bean Paste/Tau Cheong
                    1 Tabsp       Oil
                                         Shredded Ginger, opt


                 400 gm             Flower Crab, use hammer & knock the claws of crab
                 250 gm             White Prompet [add this last]


               1/2 teasp             Ground White Pepper
               1 Tabsp               Light Soya Sauce
               1/2 Tabsp            Corn Flour
               1 teasp                 Sesame Oil

               Garnishing - Corriander leaf/Yin Sai

                                       Shallot Oil - 4 Shallots/small onions fried with some oil till golden brown

  1. Put all the Seasoning ingredients in a bowl & mix well.
  2. In a rice pot bring "A" to boil then add in the 3 cups of cooked rice & seasoning & stir.
  3. Then add in the crab, stir and lastly add the fish gently.
               Comments :-  The Chef did not use any salt or any shredded Ginger and the Porridge was sweet and lovely.

                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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