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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fried Fish with a meaty spicy sauce

                 I remember very distinctly when I was growing up, my material grand mother used to cook tasty Chinese dishes I was, far too young then, and uninitiated in the art of cooking thus I didnt learn much from her :(  and this was one of the regular dish that she made.  So yesterday I dug deep trying to recall what was her predominant flavour?  I know there was ginger, garlic, chilli and tau cheong.  Then with pencil and note pad on the kitchen counter, I gave it my own take, jotting down my own creation as I went along, adding some daun limau perut leave, black beans, chilli padi, fish sauce [I like using the Fish Sauce from China as, in my humble opinion and expressed freely without malice and intent and expressed "without prejudice", as I like the taste and smell as they are subtle But the most important is a Dash or two of the delightful aromatic Sesame Oil which should be added at the Final stage of cooking to Enhance and Retain its flavour but not too much of Sesame Oil though as it is way too powerful and jotted down my version of it for my children, in the hopes that in the later years when they have more time to cook, they won't be fumbling on how to do a certain dish they liked.  As most of us would testify our parents and grand parents were all marvelous cook in their own way; each of them having their own signature dish but what they lacked was consistency as it was all a matter of a little of this and that.  Me? I prefer weighing things, thus exidous to classes both baking and cooking, as I always believe that it is good to always reproduce the exact taste unless of course I want to jiggle further with other ingredients, like the Daun Limau Perut Here and take it to a whole new level

                                Fried Fish with a meaty Spicy Sauce


                600 gm                Garupa/Mau Yau
                200 gm                minced Pork [for my Muslim friends, omit this or use minced Chicken]
                  10 gm                Young Ginger, slice
                    5 cloves           Garlic, dice
                    8                      Chill Padi, smash
                    8 gm                 Fresh Red Chillies, remove seeds
                   1/2 Tabsp          Finely ground Tau Cheong
                     2 teasp            Black Bean
                    1/8 teasp          Salt
                    1/2 teasp          Sugar
                     1 teasp             Fish Sauce
                                              Dash or two of Sesame Oil
                      2                      Daun Limau Perut, remove centre vein & slice thinly, opt
                                               Coriander leaves/Yin Sai

                 Thickening agent - 1 to 1 1/2 teasp Corn Flour mixed with 1/2 to 1 teasp water respectively
  1. Wash the Black Beans then chop.
  2. Deep fry the fish till crispy.  Remove & drain off excess oil
  3. Drain off excess oil from wok leaving just suffient for sauteing/frying the following.  Fry the garlic, ginger, limau perut leaves tau cheong, black bean, both chillies for 2 - 3 minutes.
  4. Add in the minced pork & stir fry for a while before adding water [just enough water to cover the level of the meat] then add the Fish Sauce & Sugar once boiling check for taste, adding salt if necessary.
  5. Add the Corn Flour solution to thicken & bring it to a boil.  Finally ADD a dash or two of Sesame Oil.
  6. Pour on the fried fish & garnish with Coriander/Yin Sai leaves.

                  (a)  Adding the daun limau perut gave it a Malaysian twist;
                  (b)  Take note that the Black Bean is salty.
                  (c)  Whenever you add any corn flour or any thickening agent like tapioca or potato flour, you must Always bring the dish to a Boil, then off fire otherwise you will get a floury uncooked taste.
                   (d)  Never add too much Sesame Oil as the aroma and taste is very powerful and this should be added at the final stage of cooking in order to preserve its aroma and taste:)
                    (e) For my Muslim visitors, omit the non halal meat mentioned here Or Try with minced Chicken Fillet it would be just as good or, if not, Better and I can bet that your family would love this dish :)

                   I am not a Chef though I have attended both Baking and Cooking classes for more than 20 years and they have both been my Passionate endeavours in my kitchen and I would like to share them with my visitors as I believe that FOOD is the Glue that keeps family together and a well cooked home food beats the crap of going out or buying food although of course there is more work for the "Chef" at home, haha.

                                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


ilene said...

Hey Chef! Thanks for sharing all your recipes and the tips! You're indeed too kind and I love it! :))

Ophelia said...

Ilene the pleasure is all mine. I love having a platform where I can share my experience and tips but what gives me the Most pleasure is when visitors to my blog interact with me in a positive way and I do appreciate you doing Just that when you find something you like here, THANK YOU for that. Happy cooking. God bless.