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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glass Noodles with Seafood Salad

            This is good for days when you want to eat something light and may not be a very large portion.


                     50 gm              Glass Noodles
                       1 teasp          Ikan Bilis Granules
                       5                    medium size Prawns
                       5                    Mussels
                       3 cloves       Garlic
                       1                    Red Chilli
                       1                    Chilli Padi
                                             A little bit of Spring Onions & Yin Sai
                                             White Wine, opt
                                              Dash of Fish Sauce, White Pepper, Soya Sauce
                                              Lime juice

  1. Soak the Glass Noodles then blanch in boiling water.  Drain on siever.
  2. Heat oil & saute garlic then add in the mussels and prawns and a splash of White Wine and stir.  Remove & set aside.
  3. In a bowl mix the glass noodles, chilli padi, chilli, Spring Onion & Yin Sai.  Season with a little Fish Sauce, Salt, Soya Sauce if necessary.
  4. Lay a little mix salad on a plate.  Place the glass noodles on top then the fried seafood and a thin slice of Lemon.
  1. This is a good comfort food :)
  2. On a side note if you are into Balsamic Vinegar, put a little Balsamic Vinegar and a little chopped garlic in it and it can be a simple dressing for the salad.

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