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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hakka Hot Peppery Soup

                  Another nice lovely soup, if you can "stomach" this but the cleaning of the stomach & small intestines is another story. I remember my material granny use to make this, I loved hers but I think this is much better and the Serai really gives the umpp.

                  You know when I went for this class quite some time back, I put off doing this soup as to be honest, even though both my better half and myself loved the soup, I was quite hesitant as, first, I have never in my life cleaned the Pig's small intestines/Fun Cheong or the stomach and I thought that, messy I know it would be, it would be smelly :( then when I started this blog, I realise that I wanted to share, not only my recipes, but my feelings; second, I learnt how to make Chinese Barbique sausage [you know the large black sausage that the hawkers that sell the bee hoon soup, put in and which they sometimes hang] which was lovely so I needed to, first, overcome this slight revulsion to cleaning the small intestines so yesterday I decided would be the D day for me to clean the intestines, which I did!!!!! and I found that it was just prejudice that clouded my foray into "this clean up operation" and I must say with certainly that I DID NOT find it smelly; of course I did feel a little geli; in fact I did enjoy the part when I poured the tap water through them as it formed like a ballon.  So I freezed it so that my next step would be to do the Siew Cheong.  Sorry for digressing from this soup recipe but I wanted to give you my take on this and show some pictures. 


                   1                     Pig Stomach
               600 gm               Pig small intestines
               300 gm               Belly Pork/Chee Chang [do not cut]
                    1                    Chee Mei [do not cut]


                    4 litres             Water
                    5 pips              Garlic
                    3 slices             Tong Kwai
                    3 Tabsp            White Peppercorns, smash
                    1 stalk              Serai, crushed
                100 gm                 Ginko nut [weight without shell]


                      1 Tabsp           Sesame Oil
                   1/2 teasp             Pepper
                   1/2 cup               Glutinous Rice Wine
                                              Salt to taste

                 Garnish with Yin Sai & Spring Onions

               Prep work

               Ginko nut -  Pound lightly.  Remove shell.  Put in hot water  for 2 minutes then peel skin.
                                    Remove skin but leave a few unskinned for flavour.  Then insert tooth pick
                                    to remove the .... of the ginko [sorry for the life of me that word escapes
                                    me.  If anyone can help please let me know so that I can fill in the dots]

              Pig's Stomach

                  Turn over stomach, it's very slimy. Rinse.  Put stomach in a bowl.  *Put 3 - 4 Tabsp of Tapoica Flour & 1 Tabsp salt & knead for 3 minutes then wash & repeat this process *three times.  After final 3rd wash put in a kuali of Boiling Water and boil till it hardens 2 - 3 minutes.  Remove & wash in running water.  Remove fat lining. Then turn over & wash.

               Pig's Small Intestines

                    Take a garlic; push it down the small intestine in order to push the dirt out from one end to the other.  Hold it up for the water to go right through & wash each three times.  Insert the whole length of a chopstick in the intestines, then insert another intestine in and go right through to get a double effect :) if you want too.

  1. Bring "A" to boil.  Add in Pig Stomach, Intestines & Belly Pork/Chee Chang, Chee Mei, mashed white peppercorn. Lower down fire to medium low & simmer for 40 minutes or till Pig Stomach is soft.
  2. Add in "B".  Check for seasoning, adding salt, pepper if necessary.  When soup cools down, cut the stomach, pork, etc. 
  3. Serve hot. Garnish with yin sai and spring onions.
                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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