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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hokkien Mee, Non Halal

                Hokkien Mee, its either you love it or you don't because of the oil and lard used but if you love it, you don't mind going to the most crowded Hokkien Mee stall wih the theory affixed in your mind that the Hokkien Mee has to be damn good for ppl to not mind sweatting in the blistering heat, as no air con in these type of places & patiently wait in line. Now I shall teach you how to do it in the comfort of your own kitchen but of course there is a slight handicap as normally these hawkers have the big, big fire stove which is excellent for quick cooking but frankly I have done this in my own kitchen with my own "modest" fire stove and it still turned up good and the biggest trade secret is the noodles & the sole fish.  Most of the hawkers and now I follow also, love to use the flat thick yellow noodles not the round yellow mee that is used for curry laksa, mee soup.  The absorbtion rate of these flat "babies" are better and they give a better "bite" than their "rounded cousins{ as the Hokkien Mee in this recipe is sort of braised. Observe next time you are at a Hokkien Mee stall on the noodles they use. Once long ago I wanted to fry the Hokkien mee, I was quite brazen and asked the hawker that we frequent to sell 600 gm of their flat yellow noodles so perhaps those of you here in Malaysia and want to fry Hokkien mee; just do what I did :) Finally, when we were taught, the Chef used Cabbage from China as these had more crunch compared to the normal cabbage. Here in Malaysia, Singapore we are more lucky as I dont know whether you can find these kind of hawker road side stalls overseas.


               600 gm                 Flat Yellow Mee
                   4 Tabsp            Pork Oil
                                            Pork Lard

                   Buy some pork fat, wash & dice it.  Put in a small pot & cook on medium low heat stirring occasionally as they brown very fast.  Once colour is to your liking quickly use a siever & spoon up the lard.

                 "B" Mix all these seasoning into a bowl

                     2 Tabsp             Dark Soya Sauce
                     2 Tabsp             Light Soya Sauce
                   1 1/2 cup             Chicken stock OR Water + 1 Tabsp Maggi Chicken Concentrate Stock
                                               Salt to taste


                  150 gm                  Prawns
                  100 gm                  White Sotong
                  150 gm                   Pork
                  100 gm                   *Pork Liver [*substitue with any ingredient
                                                                      in "C" or a combi bearing in
                                                                      mind it should be 100 gm
                                                                     if you don't want to add pork liver]

                 150 gm                    Cabbage
                     5 pips                   Garlic, diced
                  1/2 Tabsp                Toasted Sole fish [fry it in a wok without oil
                                                                               & then minced very finely
                                                                               This is the umpp factor
                                                                               that most hawkers use
                                                                               and a trade secret; there
                                                                               you know their secret now
                                                                               Sorry forgot what it is called
                                                                                in Chinese and will find out
                                                                                 when I next go to market but
                                                                                 it is small like the size of your
  1. Give mee a slight rinse then soak in water for 15 minutes.  Strain.
  2. In a large wok fragrant the Garlic & the minced soled fish with 4 Tabsp Pork oil stirring till fragrant then add in the pork, prawns, cuttlefish [except for the liver if you are using] & "B" ie the seasoning mixture, the mee & cabbage & then cover & let it simmer for 10 minutes.  Check for taste & adjust accordingly. When you see steam coming out from the cover, open the cover, stir & cover again & cook till the liquid Almost dried.
  3. Add in the liver if you are using, Add 1 tabsp pork oil [this last minute addition of the pork oil makes the Hokkien Mee glossy & taste] give it one stir & off fire. Enjoy.

                      And here's a bonus for you! If you want to make the Sambal Belacan, here it is as this was also part of the package of learning the Hokkien Mee, and it can be made first just before you fry the Hokkien Mee.

                    Ingredients for Sambal Belacan

                        20 gm            Belacan
                          2 cups          Chilli Boh [buy a good one]
                        1/2 Tabsp       Sugar

                        (a)  Heat 2 Tabsp Oil, add belacan, using the laddle press belacan in order to mash it.
                        (b)  Lower heat to medium add chilli boh, stir then add sugar & Bring to boil.

                    Serve with limau kasturi.  Please note no salt is added in this Sambal Belacan as Belacan is already "salty".

                      Later I will upload more noodle dishes but the best of the pick was the Mee Yoke, the Hokkien Mee & the Ipoh Sar Hor Fun/Ipoh Keow Teow. 

                            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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elaine said...

the toasted sole fish is it - "choh hou yu" in cantonese???