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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ipoh Sar Hor Fun

                   This is specially dedicated to  all of you, especially to Malaysians staying/studying abroad and now you can Enjoy this feast. Ipoh Kueh Teow, something most of us cannot do without, is a lovely comfort food especially on cold, wet days/nites and slurping the soup, sorry, brings alot of satisfaction plus the added satisfaction that it is home made.

                      If you are new in my blog, welcome, just a note to say that in all the recipes in my blog if it mentions cup or spoons, THEY  are all cake measuring spoons, cake measuring cups and cake measuring jugs :)


                                         Kueh Teow
                                         Kow Choy/Ku Chai
                                         Prawns [Buy 1 kg prawns]
                  350 gm           Prawn Shell [for frying]
                       2                 whole Chicken Leg, cut, cook then shred the meat
                      6 Litres       Water
                    1/2 cup          Oil


                     6 pairs          Chicken Feet
                     2                    Chicken Carcass, cut into 4
                 100 gm              Tai Tow Choy [dont want the leaves.  Wash, slice it
                                                                       & soak in water for Short While as salty]

                  100 gm              Tai Tow Nga/Big Bean Sprout


                      1/4 teasp       MSG
                      1 teasp           Sesame Oil
                  100 gm                Rock Sugar
                       1 Tablesp       Salt + -


  1. Cut the Kueh Teow thinly.
  2. Blanch the Kow Choy/Ku Chai in hot water.
  3. Bring the 6 Litres of Water to boil.
  4. Fry the prawn shells and 1/2 teaspoon Chilli Boh with 1/2 cup oil till oil turns RED.
  5. Once the 5 litres of Water is boiling, Add in "A" & No.2 above shells & all.  Bring this again to a BOIL.  Once boiling lower to Medium fire & simmer it for 30 minutesOFF FIRE.
  6. Quickly Remove all the shells, chicken carcass & residue from the stock [AS IN TOTAL THIS STOCK CANNOT BE BOILED MORE THAN 1 HOUR] bring the stock to a boil, add in the Prawns, once cooked Remove prawns and then add in the cut Chicken & boil it for 10 minutes [Dont put the prawns and chicken together as prawns cook much faster] Cool the chicken then shred the chicken meat.
  7. Serve with the cooked prawns, shredded chicken meat, Prawn Wanton and not to forget, lots of Chilli Padi in Light Soya Sauce
                              PRAWN WANTON

                300 gm                    Small/Medium size Prawns [you have to buy extra prawns as It is Not
                                                                                                   part of the above 1 kg prawns]

                    1 Tabsp               Corn flour, sieved
                 3/4 Tabsp               Sesame Oil
                 1/2 teasp                 Salt
                 1/2 teasp                 White Pepper
                 1/2 teasp                  Castor Sutar

                                                    Wanton Skin for wrapping

            Method for Prawn Wanton
  1. Mix well all the ingredients for the Prawn Wanton & wrap in Wanton skin
  2. Boil water then add in the wrapped Prawn Wanton.  Once the Wanton floats dish out.
                       The Prawn Wanton is a real bonus.  For this Ipoh Kueh Teow NEVER ADD PORK as it will then change the concept of the soup. Good nite everybody.

                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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