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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kerabu Mango on Fried Garupa

              Wao this dish is so simple.  Saw it on TV many years ago and I was lucky I managed to quickly jot it down in my shorthand, which needed alot of practice since I am retired now and no longer writing in shorthand while my boss dictated his letters, opinion, whatever, so it was quite a joy doing just that, writing the recipe in shorthand and see how fast my nibble fingers were "flying" through the page though of course they were intermitten words written in long hand as brain couldnt figure quick enough how to write "Limau Kasturi" in shorthand which was a far cry from the legal lingo that I was used to from my working days, yes you guessed it, worked far too long, 3 decades + in a law firm, haha and I still keep practising my shorthand all these years ever since I first learnt it when I was in Form IV, eons ago. Again sorry for digressing but I sincerely believe that it is more interesting if I were to inject a little humour and warmth or story along the way instead of just typing the recipe which personally would seem a little "cold" Ok gals and guys for those of you who have not seen this on TV here goes.  I would have to do this again for better half and it is so easy to prepare this; just like a walk in the park!!!


           1                         Garupa


           2                         Green Mangoes, shredded [medium size]
           3                          Medium size Big Onions
           1 sprig                Coriander Leaves/Yin Sai
           3 - 4                     Chilli Padi
           1                           Fresh Red Chilli [for colour]
           3                           Spring Onion bulb [bottom white part for deco]


           2 - 3 Tabsp          Fish Sauce
           2 Tabsp + -          Sugar
           4 - 5                     Limau Kasturi Juice

  1. Prepare "B".
  2. Place "C" in a separate bowl.
  3. Deep fry the fish till crispy & golden brown.  Remove, drain excess oil & place fish on a beautiful platter :)
  4. Mix "B" & "C" together [check the taste first] & pour on top of the fish.  Only do pour this on the fish just before eating as quite alot of juice will ooze out thus cutting down on the crispyness of fish :) 
                       Comments, I made this again tonight so that I could upload some pictures and I tried to bring it up a notch.  To add more aroma to this dish, soak some dried prawns in hot water for 30 minutes, then pound it very fine.  Then fry it with some oil & drizzle this on top, drizzle also a little of the oil for more aroma and flavour.  Ophelia
                       Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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