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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nyonya Acar

                      Most Babas & Nyonyas love their Nyonya Acar and it is an appertiser and there are many versions of Acar and this one that I learnt was not bad & when the Chef fried the rempah, especially the Kunyit and he used a whole of it, the aroma of the Kunyit floating through the air con room literally took our breath away as it was so lovelllly and then you can literally hear the oooo and the aaaahh from the students there.


            3            Cucumber
            2            Carrots
            4            Red & Green Chillies
            3 slices    Pineapples
          50 gm        Cabbage
          50 gm        French Beans


                             Fried Peanuts
                             Toasted Sesame seeds
          150 gm        Kunyit
          1/2               Bowl Oil


          Blend the rempah finely:-
            300 gm        Small onions
               2               small pods Garlic
             100 gm        Buah Keras
               10              Red Chillies
               1"               Belacan

          then mix 5 Tabsp Chilli Boh to above


                1 [eating] bowl     Sugar
                1 [    "    ] bowl     White Vinegar [Cuka Buatan Cap Aladdin
                                                                     i.e. White Artificial Vinegar]
                2 teasp                   Salt

  1. Fry the Sesame Seeds Without Oil short while.
  2. You can either fry the Peanuts with or without oil, choice is yours but you have to remove the skin while peanuts are hot otherwise harder to come out. Put the hot peanuts in a tea towel and rub skin off, then pound same.
  3. Blend rempah very finely.
  4. Cut cucumber [retain skin], Carrot, Chillies into strips & Pineapples into slices
  5. Boil water in a kuali with 2 Tabsp Sugar & 2 Tabsp Oil.  Once boiled add in cucumber short while then remove it with a siever & rinse in water & drain.  Put cucumber, little by little, in a muslin cloth & squeeze it till it is completely dry.
  6. Add carrots in short while then drain.  No need to squeeze Carrot.  Same with Cabbage & French beans put short short in boiling water, drain and no need to squeeze.
  7. Heat 1/2 bowl [Chinese eating rice bowl] & fry the kunyit slices till very fragrant, dry & the oil yellow in colour.  Remove the kunyit slices, then add in the blended ingredients and fry till rempah fragrant and pecak minyak approximately 20 minutes, stirring constantly, then add the Salt, sugar [retain some sugar first] and vinegar.  Check for taste if not enough sugar, add the balance.
  8. When it is completely cool add in the veg, the fried peanuts & toasted sesame seeds.
                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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