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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nyonya Chicken Briyani

                   You would be probably wondering whether this Nyonya Chicken dish will jell with a Briyani and all I can say that it would bring you to another level.


                    50 gm                Young Ginger
                    50 gm                 Garlic
                  100 gm                  Small Onions/Shallot
                    50 gm                  Fresh Kunyit/Tumeric
                    50 gm                  Lengkuas/Galangal
                      5                        Buah Keras
                      3 Tabsp            Chilli Boh
                  100 gm                  Fresh Red Chillies
                     3 stalks              Serai/Lemon Grass

                      *1 Tabsp          Jintan Putih powder/Cumin Powder
                      *1 teasp            Ground Black Pepper

                                   Blend "A"Remove onto bowl then mix *the Jintan Putih Powder & ground Black Pepper to incorporate well.


                            2                    Big Onions, sliced
                            1 stick           Kayu Manis/Cinnamon stick
                            3                     Cardamon.  Wash, dry then prise open slightly


                            6                      whole Chicken legs
                          75 ml                  Natural Youghurt
                        100 ml                  Evaporated Milk
                            1                       Limau Kasturi/Kalamasi juice
                            3                       Daun Limau Perut remove the centre vein as bitter
                            1 sprig             Yin Sai leaves/Corriander leaves

                                                      Salt, Sugar to taste

  1. Heat sufficient oil in wok & fry "B" short while till Big Onions "wilted".  Add in "A" & fry till the rempah is fragrant on low medium fire.
  2. Add in the Yoghurt & Evaporated Milk & continue to fry for a few minutes then add in the Chicken & cook for 20 - 30 minutes till chicken cooked, check for taste.  *If you like a thicker gravy, remove the chicken then simmer stirring on low medium fire till the consistency you like. Garnish it with the Yin Sai leaves.
  3. Serve with Briyani Rice and Acar Mentah; look out for them.
                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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