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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pasta with Crispy Chicken & Sauce

                This sauce is, as the title implies, aromatic, spicy and everything nice that a Malaysian "tongue" could hope for.  A blending of the East & West, when two worlds meet, so to speak.  East from the Sauce & West from the Pasta.

                  Crispy Chicken

                      2                       whole Chicken Legs, debone
                      1                       packet Mix Salad
                  200 gm                 Pasta, your choice [I love Angel Hair. Much faster to cook
                                                                               & lovely to twirl with a fork on plate]
                      2                       Eggs
                                               Potatoe Starch/Tang Mein Fun [chicken stays crispy even when cold]
                                               Salt & Pepper to taste
                                               Oil for deep frying

                        Debone the whole chicken legs, season with a little salt & pepper.  Dip first with the beaten eggs then coat with the Potato Starch, shake off excess Potato Starch then deep fry on medium fire till golden brown [if fire is high, the outside will cook faster than the inside of the chicken :)].  Drain off excess oil & place on paper kitchen towels to absorb oil.  When chicken cool, slice into pieces.

                  The thigh bones do not throw away; boil with water, a little carrot & 1 big onion, some Salt & Pepper and there you have a little stock that you can use.  But remember this has no perserative so dont keep too long in the Fridge.  Cool it completely and then either refrigerate it for immediate use or freeze it :)  I always practising doing my own stock from chicken bones or prawn shells then I freeze in little containers.

                 Garnishing - 1 big onion & 1 Bunga Kantan

                 Spicy Sauce

                 200 ml                  Plum Sauce
                     1                      Big Onion
                     1                      Red Chillie
                     3 - 5                Chilli Padi
                     2 stalks             Lemon Grass/Serai
                     1                       Bunga Kantan
                   30 gm                 Assam Jawa mix with 100 ml Water
                                               Salt & Sugar to taste
  1. Blend the Bunga Kantan,Onions, Serai & both chillies.
  2. In a small wok fry the blended ingredients till fragrant & "oil oozing in holes", short while dont want it to be dry.
  3. In a pot boil the fried rempah, plum sauce & Assam Jawa solution once boiling, reduce fire & let this simmer until it become quite thick but still runny.  Season with salt & sugar.
  4. Meanwhile boil the Pasta until al dente.
  5. To serve - Place some salad on side of the plate.Twirl the Angel Hair in the centre of plate, place the sliced chicken on top of pasta & pour some sauce over & garnish with a little sliced onions & bunga kantan.
                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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