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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prawns and Avacardo Salad

                  This is something simple to prepare and tasty too.  Let's start with the dresssing first.

                   Ingredients for Dressing

                      2                  Avacardo
                      5 Tabsp      Mayo
                      1 Tabsp       Black Sesame seeds, toasted
                      1 Tabsp       Sesame seeds, toasted

                   Method for Dressing
  1. Fry both Sesame seeds Without Oil.
  2. Mix together all the Ingredients for the Dressing. 

                   Ingredients for Prawn Salad

                   600 gm                 Prawns, net weight after removing shells
                        1 teasp            Baking Powder
                     1 1/4 teasp         Salt
                     1/2 Tabsp           Sugar
                         1 Tabsp           Plain Flour, sieved
                     100 gm                 Tapioca Flour, sieved
                         2                        Egg WHITES

                    Method for Prawn Salad
  1. Mix well all the ingredients making sure they corporate well.
  2. Deep fry till golden brown.  Remove & drain excess oil.
  3. Mix the Avacardo Dressing and the fried prawns just before eating.

                    (a)  This is lovely to serve at parties.
                    (b)  I always look out for things that I can cook/bake using egg whites especially after doing either my Sugee or Indonesian Layered Cake when there are excess egg whites.

                 Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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